Hit-and-run Kills Grandfather Of Missing Toddler Quinton Simon

A 20-month-old Georgia boy’s grandfather was murdered in a hit-and-run accident weeks after the boy went missing.

Captain Jimmy Wyldes of the Burke County Sheriff’s Office confirms to PEOPLE that Henry Dale Moss Sr. died early Wednesday after being struck by a vehicle.

Hit-and-run Kills Grandfather Of Missing Toddler Quinton Simon
Hit-and-run Kills Grandfather Of Missing Toddler Quinton Simon

Police in Georgia have confirmed to PEOPLE that Moss “succumbed to injuries on-scene” and that his family has been notified.

NBC News quotes Wyldes as saying that about 7:20 a.m. local time on Wednesday, the body of Moss was found on the side of Highway 23 in Burke County.

“Preliminary inquiry suggests the male was struck while in the roadway by an unknown vehicle,” he added, per the outlet.

WRDW reports that authorities believe Dale, who went by the nickname “Bubba,” was struck after 5:30 a.m.

Fox3 Now reports that he was attacked as he was walking home after getting a flat tire on his automobile.

This incident occurs as officials and family members continue to look for Moss’ grandson, Quinton Simon, who has been missing for the past month.

Kaylyn Clifton, Moss’ niece, expressed her sorrow over both losses on Facebook.

She started off by saying, “To say that my family has had it in the past month would be an understatement.” What “heartbreak and misery”

So, she added, “I just want to ask for prayers for Bubba and Nicole. After losing baby Quinton, Brandy, and now their father, Uncle Henry, all within a month, I couldn’t leave them to deal with all of that grief on their own.

My uncle was hit by a car this morning. This person continued walking.

She continued her praise by saying that “he and my papa were two peas in a pod,” meaning that she and Moss were very much alike.

She revealed that her last interaction with her uncle was on Saturday, when he kissed her on the head, hugged her, enquired about her pregnancy, and took her and her family out for Mexican food. I am ecstatic that I did.

A playpen containing Quinton, a toddler from Savanah, Georgia, went missing on October 5. His parents said that around 6 a.m. on that day, they learned Quinton was missing and filed a complaint.

Even though the Chatham County Police Department and others have spent the past four weeks searching through “thousands of tons of waste” in a landfill, police issued a statement on Wednesday saying it’s conceivable he may not be discovered.

The agency admitted on social media that “we knew going into this landfill search, the likelihood of locating Quinton’s remains were poor.” The volume of rubbish to search through and the compression of the waste are only two of the numerous reasons why most landfill searches do not result in a recovery; yet, we do not lose sight of our goal.

The police stated that “everything still pointed” to the boy’s remains being discovered from the dump and that the leading suspect is the boy’s 22-year-old mother, Leilani Simon. To date, Leilani has not been charged with anything.


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