Hoax Threats Against Schools Across The North Carolina State Are Not Just Pranks

A reminder was issued by law enforcement officials on Thursday after dozens of reports of active shooter situations on school campuses rolled across the state of North Carolina.

Law enforcement officers stated that any threat against a school is not simply a prank. It is a criminal offense.

North Carolina schools were the targets of hoax threats and misleading phone calls, starting in the east in the town of Little Washington and ending in the west in Brevard County. There was never any indication of a potential danger being present.

According to Lieutenant Patrice Bogertey, who serves as the spokesperson for the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, “It wasn’t a genuine threat. There was never any before. Recent observations have shown that this is a pattern that is surfacing all over our state.

“What this does to law enforcement and any other first responder, is that it puts us on high alert because we don’t know if it’s a fake threat until we get there,” said one law enforcement official.

According to Lieutenant Quincey Tait of the Durham Police Department, “It is a danger of mass violence.” It is still a criminal offense, notwithstanding the fact that it is a fraud.

In response to the news of an active shooter at Hillside High School in Durham, a large number of police officers and firefighters rushed to the school. It was shortly found that the threat was nothing more than a fake.

Thursday morning, a mother whose children attend Hillside shared that she had heard a high school in Vance County was also placed on lockdown.

On Wednesday, several schools in the state of Georgia were reportedly targeted by a hoax and false reports about an active shooter, according to Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia.

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