My Apron Home Depot Associate Login Portal Complete Guide

Home Depot ESS: My Apron mythdhr

Home Depot’s ESS (Employee Self Service) portal allows current and past employees to view their profile, pay stubs, and leave absence information.

More than 385,000 Home Depot employees have access to a wealth of information and services through the company’s intranet. Using the Employee Login, employees can access their My Schedules.

The Employee Self Service portal provides access to several critical services, including those listed below.

  • See whether there are any red flags in the employee’s profile, such as an incorrect address or phone number.
  • Information about the employee’s identity can be updated online.
  • The Employee ESS provides access to the daily schedule. My Day-to-Day Activities
  • Check the status of your leave of absence (LOA) and print off the details.
  • Employee Pay Slips can be seen and downloaded online.
  • The ESS website allows you to access historical tax statements.
  • After logging into ESS, employees have the option to sign up for the Homer Fund Deduction.

Only after the employee logs into the Home Depot Associate ESS can they access the previously mentioned data.

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Home Depot Associate ESS Login process

To use all Self Service features, you must be a network user. To proceed, several preconditions must be met.

  • Do not use an unauthorized system to access the Home Depot ESS. It can only be accessed from a computer in the office.
  • To access the ESS from any Home Depot store, employees must have an AIS ID and Password. It’s required that all workers at other locations have LAN IDs.
  • You should only print from a secure site if you have to.
  • Don’t engage in any unauthorized or illegal conduct while using the ESS.
  • Never reveal your username or password to anybody.
  • Public computers, cyber cafes, restaurants, etc. should not be used to access the ESS site.
  • After you’ve finished your task, log off the network.

The procedures listed below can be used by employees to access the Employee Self Service portal.

The login process for Current Associates:

Step 1: Go to to access the My Apron Home Depot ESS site and create an account.

Step 2: Go to the bottom of the page. There are two ways to log in. Click on the link that says “Current associates, click here to login” now.

Step 3: simply click the link to get the login page. On the following screen, you’ll see a login page (as shown below).

home depot associate ess login form

Step 4: Enter the store location or select Other location. Click the Login button after you’ve entered your User ID and Password.

The login process for Former Associates:

  • Open the official ESS site for Home Depot associates.
  • Click the “For ex-associates, please log in here” link on the home page. Once you log in, you’ll see a new form on the screen (as shown below).
home depot former associate ess login form

Ex-Home Depot employees and Associates on LOA can log in directly at to access the login page.

To access Employee Self Service, you will need to fill out this online form to prove your identification.

Step 3: Ensure that you have entered all the necessary details such as your last name(s), DOB month and year, and the final four digits of your SSN or SIN.

Step 4: Enter the security code and click “Continue to Security Validation” after inputting the aforementioned information. Access to the Employee Self Service network might be granted to former employees following identity verification.

How to access Home Depot My Schedule, Attendance, and Time information?

My Schedule ESS login is required to see my schedule and time and attendance information.

1-Open the official My Schedule login page at

home depot my schedule login page

2-Now select your location and enter your User ID and Password in the login form.

3-Access MY Schedule by logging in. Access to attendance, time, and schedule information is available through the employee self-service after a user logs in.

Employees are expected to keep their supervisors up to date on any life events that have occurred since their last check-in. The following categories of Life events necessitate that employees log into their self-service portal and make the necessary updates.

  • Moving in with the spouses (Change of Address)
  • Gain or Loss of Coverage Due to a Child’s Birth or Adoption
  • Dependent Child 26 Years and Older Leave of Absence
  • Relative’s Death Legal Separation / Divorce
  • Termination

How to apply for leave?

Occasionally, an employee is unable to participate in the event and is required to take time off. Using the Employees Self Service site, an employee can request a leave of absence in the event of a medical or personal emergency.

The following steps will walk you through the process of submitting a leave request online.

  • Use your User ID and Password to log in to the official myApron Mythdhr portal
  • Access the Leave of Absence Information Center > Packets after signing in.
  • Print out details about your leave of absence.

Please speak with your company’s HR Manager if you’d like further information about this.

Pay Slip and Tax statements

Pay Slips and tax statements for previous and current employees can be accessed by logging into the Self Service portal. The Salary Slip can be readily downloaded and printed by employees.

The salary was paid to all employees at Home Depot via direct bank transfer every month. The Payroll Card can be used by employees who do not have a bank account to get their wages.

Employees will receive the following advantages.

  • Obtaining a copy of your W-2 income tax forms
  • Online options for printing tax documents are available.
  • Print a PaySlip by opening it in your web browser and downloading it.
  • Updating and seeing tax withholding information
Home Depot
Home Depot My Schedule, Time,
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I’m curious about the MythDHR Home Depot aware line.

800-286-4909 Employees should tell their immediate supervisor, their HR representative, or Corporate Compliance when they believe our company values or legal compliance are being questioned.

To access MythDHR Home Depot, how do I log in?

Please use a browser on your computer to have access to the Workday Resource Center. Your professional email address and password are required to sign in.

Do you have faith in MythDHR Home Depot?

At The Home Depot, our core values guide our business practices, and we are devoted to honesty and ethics.

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