Homemade Bomb, Explosives Found Outside Baltimore School

Authorities in Baltimore County have formally filed charges against a man suspected of putting a bomb or other explosive device near a middle school.

Mount Airy resident Joseph Richard Vickery, 43, is facing many counts, including felony possession of explosive material with intent to make a destructive device, manufacturing of possession of a destructive device, and possession of explosive material without a license.

Homemade Bomb, Explosives Found Outside Baltimore School
Homemade Bomb, Explosives Found Outside Baltimore School

Vickery allegedly had a homemade bomb and components for explosive devices in his truck near Pine Grove Middle School in Parkville and at a motel room in Woodlawn, 20 miles away, according to criminal documents.

Vickery’s vehicle, located right outside the middle school’s entrance, contained a loaded revolver as well.

Police in Baltimore County also picked up a woman named Kristen Vickery, 39, although she’s only facing a minor narcotics charge.

According to the complaint filed with the court, the police in Mount Airy were notified that a man was attempting to construct an explosive device. Mount Airy law enforcement were notified after Kristen Vickery texted her mother about seeing her brother online searching for “how to manufacture a flash bang, bombs, he has a rifle and a crossbow, he just got more.”

Photos sent to the police showed a large stainless steel pop on a portable electric hot plate with a hazy liquid and blue particles floating in it, a strainer in a bathtub with blue granules, Vickery bringing a plastic bucket into a hotel bathroom, and a bag of Scott’s Turf Enhancer Ultrafeed.

The homemade bomb was most likely meant for Kristen Vickery, according to her mother’s statement to police. Following a signal from Vickery’s phone, police arrived at the Rodeway Inn on Whitehead Court in Woodlawn.

When police stopped and searched Vickery’s black 2001 Ford F-150 outside Pine Grove Middle School on Tuesday morning, he was quickly apprehended. He reportedly claimed to police that there was a bomb in his vehicle.

It was reported Tuesday afternoon that a suspicious device had been discovered in a vehicle parked near Pine Grove Middle School.

I’m shaking with fear. “I’m afraid,” Chris Brown, a father, said.

Students from Pine Grove Middle School and Pine Grove Elementary School were bused to another school and were reunited with their families.

The cops made two arrests on Tuesday night.

Baltimore County Superintendent Darryl Williams remarked, “These are community situations, and things that happen in the community occasionally flow over into the schoolhouse.”

Twenty miles away, at the Rodeway Inn, authorities checked out a bomb threat.

Kristen Vickery was arrested on a warrant out of Carroll County at around 11:40 a.m. when police caught her exiting her room.

In order to get people out of their rooms, police sealed off all the streets in the area.

As the bomb squad sent a robot into one of the rooms, Chopper 13 hovered overhead.

They were still investigating the threat’s motivation and the possible charges against the person of interest in Baltimore County.

Det. Trae Corbin, spokesman for the Baltimore County Police Department, said at a press conference on Tuesday night, “We’re trying to figure out what the suspect truly planned and why they were in two separate regions.”

On Tuesday afternoon, police officers heard a tremendous boom and decided to check the source.

The police discovered two propane cylinders, a coffee grinder, adhesive, a caulk gun, a thousand swabs, two stoves, a Dremel Tool 110-piece all-purpose kit, a radio-controlled car, packaging material, orange rubber gloves, a white t-shirt covered in black tape, black rubber gloves with a piece of copper wire, and the box for an Adventure Force Corvette Stingray RC car.

The charge documents stated that Detectives Davis and Kolb “believed via their training, knowledge, and experience that the goods retrieved from the trash cans and reviewed the things purchased on the invoices were precursors for building explosive devices.”

Vickery admits to using his iPhone to do online research on IEDs and then building the explosive device out of a paper tube, ammonium nitrate from cold packs, aluminum foil, matches, wire, caulking, and an RC vehicle remote as the initiator.

He told authorities that he had previously tried, and failed, to use fertilizer to extract ammonium. He said police he only brought it to detonate in a secluded spot and that he wasn’t there to hurt anyone.

On the passenger side floorboard of Vickery’s truck, authorities discovered what seemed to be an improvised destructive device.

Bomb disposal experts arrived at the motel room at 2:50 p.m. and conducted a thorough search, discovering a jar of crushed matchsticks, caulk, a coffee grinder, an RC vehicle, a disassembled smartphone charging cord, and aluminum foil.

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