Houston Police Are Searching For The Gunman After An Armed Customer Shot And Killed An Armed Robbery Suspect

Houston Police Are Searching For The Gunman After An Armed Customer Shot And Killed An Armed Robbery Suspect: A guy who was seen on security footage in Texas shooting and killing an armed robbery suspect who was trying to rob a Houston taco shop is being sought by police.

The guy who was caught on surveillance footage inside Ranchito #4 Taqueria in southwest Houston shooting and killing an armed robber after the suspect barged into the business and demanded belongings from customers at gunpoint is being sought by Houston police.

Houston police stated in a press statement on Friday that although no charges have been brought against the man who ran away, they still want to talk to him about “his role in the shooting.”

The suspect, who according to police was in his 20s, is seen on the video and witness accounts walking inside the restaurant while wearing a black ski mask, pointing a gun at customers, and demanding money.

The armed customer can be seen standing up as the suspect walks by him and repeatedly firing his gun at the suspect as he was collecting money from customers.

A white or Hispanic man client who was armed fired at least nine shots at the suspect, who fell to the ground and died, according to Houston police. After the suspect had fallen to the ground, the armed customer fired several shots, one of which struck the suspect in the head.

Before exiting the scene, the armed customer recovered the stolen cash from the suspect’s body and gave it back to the customer.

Police have released a photo of the armed client’s pickup truck, which they describe as a “pickup truck model from the 1970s or 1980s with no bed.”

Anyone with information regarding the identity of the armed client is urged to contact Houston police homicide at 713-308-3600.

The armed client, who was listed as a “person of interest,” has not yet been contacted, a Houston Police Department spokesperson told Fox News Digital on Saturday afternoon.

According to Thomas Nixon, a former Houston police officer turned attorney, “the guy he shot was in the act of committing robbery, and hence his use of force in defense of himself and innocent third parties is totally permissible in Texas.” “He was realistically afraid of death or serious bodily harm.”

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