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What Happened When a Gunman’s Card Was Declined at a Gas Station While Trying to Pay With a $4 Bill

How a Gunman’s Card Declining on a $4 Bill

How a Gunman’s Card Declining on a $4 Bill

Police say a man opened f!re in a Detroit petrol station, wounding three people, when his card was denied for a $4 purchase. On Saturday morning at about 3 o’clock, a sh*oting took place at a Mobile gas station in the area of West McNichols Road and Appoine Street.

Three store patrons were sh*t by the suspect. They say the store clerk wasn’t shot. Police believe he was one of three customers at the petrol station sh*t multiple times by suspect Samuel McCray, and that he was also detained inside the store with McCray by the store’s employee.

He is afraid for his own protection and does not want to be named. After the clerk refused to allow the three potentially dangerous customers to leave the petrol station, the gunman went to him and he pled for his life.

If you’re interested in learning more about the sh*oter whose credit card was denied at a Detroit gas station, you can read about it in the tweet below:

“I turned around, and he the gun to my head, and I put my hand up he grazed my side, I play de@d,” said the victim. Another customer, 37-year-old Gregory Kelly, was sh*t and murdered by the assailant.

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Prosecutors stated at McCray’s arraignment today that the clerk had closed the door using a switch behind the counter when she suspected that McCray was about to make off with $4 worth of merchandise. The employee behind the bulletproof glass unlocked the door and let the gunman to leave after he had k!lled three people.

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