Problem For Indians: How Caste Discrimination Came to California?

Caste discrimination, originating in the Indian subcontinent, has found its way to California despite its reputation as a diverse and inclusive state. Over the years, migration, cultural retention, and transnational connections have brought caste-based discrimination to the shores of California.

Historical Context

The caste system, a social stratification system in ancient India, divided society into hierarchical groups based on birth. Even after attempts at reform during British colonialism, the impacts of caste discrimination persisted.

Migration and Cultural Retention

Indian immigrants brought their cultural practices and traditions to California, including the baggage of caste discrimination. Establishing communities, they sought to preserve their cultural identity, which often included upholding caste-based norms.

Transnational Networks

Globalization and technology have facilitated transnational networks that reinforce and perpetuate caste discrimination. Online platforms, social media, caste associations, and cultural events contribute to the preservation of caste identities and hierarchies.

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Caste Discrimination in California

Instances of social exclusion, denial of equal opportunities, and caste-based violence have been reported in California. Academic institutions, workplaces, and social gatherings have become arenas where caste discrimination persists.

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Addressing Caste Discrimination

Combating caste-based discrimination requires education, dialogue, promoting cultural diversity, and enforcing anti-discrimination laws. By acknowledging and addressing this issue, California can strive towards a more inclusive and equitable society.


Caste discrimination has migrated from its origins in India to California through migration, cultural retention, and transnational networks. Despite California’s reputation for diversity, caste discrimination highlights the need for continued efforts to build a more inclusive future for all residents, regardless of their caste backgrounds.

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