How David Beckham Could Change American Soccer Forever

David Beckham is one of the most recognizable players and faces in all of football history. Beckham was a tremendous midfielder known for his dazzling free kicks. The England International spent his career with numerous clubs such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, and PSG. 


He then enjoyed a lucrative modeling career, as his looks, fashion choices, and tattoos were prominent talking points during his career surrounding him. His name has stayed in the headlines as he is married to Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, one of the world’s biggest power couples. 


Now, Beckham has moved on to being an owner. Beckham owns Inter Miami CF in the MLS. Currently, Miami has secured a playoff spot in the MLS, but as the sixth seed in the playoffs, they are still not one of the favorites according to the best online casinos


Beckham’s club has been linked with one of the greatest footballers in sports history. If Beckham can bring him to Miami, Beckham will achieve the most important signing in American soccer history.


Cristiano Ronaldo To Miami


Without a doubt, the biggest star linked to inter Miami is Portuguese International and current Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is one of the greatest players ever and is still a top player today, even at 37 years old.


Ronaldo isn’t too far off from winning the Champions League again, as he did so in 2018 with Real Madrid. Ronaldo is consistently one of the top names for the Balon D’Or award and is the level of star and talent MLS has never had. 


If David Beckham can persuade Ronaldo to come to Inter Miami CF, it will be the biggest move in American soccer history. Ronaldo is the biggest global name in the history of sports, with the most Instagram followers in the world and a massive amount of brands and sponsorship money that will come flocking to any league Ronaldo plays.


The transfer is possible with how things are going for Ronaldo at Manchester United currently. Ronaldo is often seen sitting on the bench for Erik Ten Hag’s team, and the club has agreed for him to pursue other transfers, but with his high wage bill and need to start, there have been many top teams in the world that have rejected Ronaldo. 


Regardless, Ronaldo is still good enough to play for top teams, and having the opportunity to bring him to the MLS is too good and important to pass up. Ronaldo scored 24 goals last season and has only scored less than 30 goals in a season twice since 2007. His consistency is arguably amongst the greatest of all time, and the domination and marketability he could bring to the MLS are worth however much it would take to complete the transfer.


Beckham could be the perfect person to bring Ronaldo to America due to how similar their careers have been. Although Beckham hasn’t reached the heights that Ronaldo has, he understands the spotlight, the ventures outside of football, and moving to multiple clubs to pursue championships.


Beckham entered the modeling career and became just as big of a name in fashion and modeling as he did on the football pitch. These are things that Ronaldo is also pursuing, as well as a clothing and cologne line. 


This is a genius move in terms of competition on the pitch. Adding Ronaldo to a squad with the likes of Gonzalo Higuain, DeAndre Yedlin, and Kieran Gibbs would make Inter Miami the favorites to win the MLS Cup for years to come. 


A Ronaldo transfer would surely make the MLS a more desirable destination for other of Europe’s top players, changing the growth of the MLS to skyrocketing potential. Beckham did a ton to help the MLS and American soccer gain recognition as a player. Still, if he is able to achieve this as the owner, then it will surpass anything he or likely any owner has ever done to change American soccer.


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