How Did Hashirama Die: Who Killed Hashirama, One Of Naruto’s Bravest Ninja?

How Did Hashirama Die: The popular Japanese manga series Naruto chronicles the exploits of a young man named Naruto Uzumaki, who longs to become the Hokage.

Naruto faced stiff competition from other skilled ninjas in his ascent to the top. Over the course of the show, it became evident that Naruto’s world is populated by a large number of skilled ninjas who are endowed with powerful skills.

These ninjas have carved out a niche for themselves in history thanks to their skills. Such ninjas can be found in abundance in The Hidden Leaf.

Many famous ninjas have called this town home at some point in its long and storied history. But among them all, Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage of the Hidden Leaf, stands out as the most notable.

Who Was Hashirama Senju

To challenge the Uchiha, Hashirama Senju led the only other clan powerful enough to do so: the Senju. Along with his longtime rival Madara Uchiha, he established the Hidden Leaf Village.

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His distinctive Wood Style Jutsu, as well as his command of Sage Jutsu, were his primary offensive weapons. In time, he rose to the position of Hokage, or village chief and top ninja.

He established many of the fundamental structures of the present ninja society, such as the village system and the ranking system for ninjas. He was a gentle, unassuming man, but he would kill to protect his family, community, or tribe.

How Did Hashirama Die

Although Hashirama died in the first Great Ninja War, the show never reveals the specifics of how he perished in battle. So the cause of death of Hashirama Senju is not official yet.

There is no actual evidence in the anime or manga to corroborate the fan theory that he died from weariness after employing too many of his powerful wood-style release methods.

Before he passed away, Hashirama appointed his brother Tobirama Senju as Hokage. Before Tobirama killed himself at the end of the first Great War, he passed this on to Hiruzen Sarutobi.

There are many instances in the Naruto series where we witness a resurrected Hashirama; in Naruto, he battles Tobirama, and in Naruto Shippuden, he participates in the Fourth Great Ninja War; however, in neither case are we given any insight into the nature of the First Hokage’s death.

Different Theories Explaining Hashirama’s Death

There is no singular theory about Hashirama’s death, however, many Naruto fans have theories. Let’s look at my theories to figure out how Hashirama died. Though I love Naruto, certain beliefs are bizarre.

1. Overuse of His Healing Jutsu
Hashirama’s self-healing Jutsu was unique. His cells could grow and cure any battle injuries without weaving his hand. Hashirama was injured by his constant use of healing Jutsu in battle.

He lived shorter and his cells stopped dividing every time he utilized his Jutsu. If it keeps burning out, it will ultimately run out, like a candle. When Hashirama used his powers, that happened.

2. Battled and Died
Battles were daily throughout Hashirama’s period, thus some believed he died in one. Even while this was true, Hashirama was the strongest and could not be outnumbered due to his wood-style Jutsu.

He vanquished Madara Uchiha, who fled into exile, in one of the battles. Hashirama’s repeated battles rendered him sick and exhausted. He died in combat, according to many.

3. Old age death
Some followers still assume Hashirama died of old age. Considering his vitality and skills, I don’t suppose he died of old age even though he was the first Hokage.

I still think Hashirama was killed in the battle, disproving this notion. Hashirama’s resurrection showed that something other than old age killed him.

4. Hashirama died of illness.
It is also believed that Naruto’s strongest Shinobi died slowly from an illness. Some claim that a weird sickness was devouring Hashirama from the inside and that his excessive use of Jutsu powers killed him.

Given his ability to heal viruses, germs, and undiscovered diseases, it’s unlikely that he died of the disease. The wood release, a combination of water and earth release, was Hashirama’s favorite Jutsu power.

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