How Old Was Anakin In Episode 1: Is Anakin Younger Than Padmé In Star Wars?

How Old Was Anakin In Episode 1: The Star Wars prequels have debated Anakin Skywalker’s age, especially in the first two films. Anakin, who debuted as Darth Vader in George Lucas’ Star Wars, is a franchise classic.

His fall to the Dark Side and redemption defined the Skywalker saga, even though his son was the main character in the original trilogy. He’s been in so many movies, TV series, games, and comics because of it. Anakin had been Darth Vader for years by the time he appeared in Disney+’s Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Darth Vader’s age is hard to determine due to his mask and unclear history.

Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker is essential to Star Wars. Though not in all three trilogies, he is one of the few to appear in numerous. Palpatine, R2D2, and C-3PO are the only Skywalker series characters to feature in every trilogy and all 9 movies.

Darth Vader’s grandson Ben Solo/Kylo Ren and son Luke continue Anakin Skywalker’s internal moral conflict in the numbered Star Wars movies. Star Wars Skywalker Saga spans 67 years, with Anakin Skywalker present for approximately 50. The various Darth Vader Star Wars appearances make it difficult to determine Anakin Skywalker’s age.

Chronologically, Anakin initially appeared in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace and last appeared on-screen in Return of the Jedi, while his voice can be heard as both Anakin and Vader in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Anakin lived a lot: fighting in the Clone Wars, training his own apprentice, becoming the youngest member of the Jedi Council (even though he wasn’t a Jedi Master), and co-ruling the galaxy as a Sith Lord. By his mid-40s, he did all that. Darth Vader’s narrative is more intriguing than Anakin’s. Darth Vader’s age in Star Wars movies and shows? Anakin Skywalker’s age is explained here.

How Old Was Anakin In Episode 1

The Phantom Menace is the first chronological Star Wars film. As the fourth main series picture, it is set in 32 BBY, making it the earliest (Before Battle of Yavin).

It occurs 32 years before A New Hope, the first Star Movie. The Phantom Menace introduces young Anakin Skywalker. Anakin, a slave on Tatooine, lives with his mother, works in Toydarian Watto’s scrapyard and junk shop, and loves pod racing.

Qui-Gon Jinn frees him and takes him to the Jedi Council after discovering his high-force sensitivity. How old was Anakin when the Jedi Council said he was too old to train? When he left Tatooine, nine-year-old Anakin Skywalker was born in 41 BBY.

Anakin is 9 years old in The Phantom Menace. Anakin’s age isn’t the reason he can’t become a Jedi. The Jedi Council removes him because he has lived too long with family and friends, building material and emotional bonds.

Like Anakin, some Jedi begin their training at nine years old, but they have spent their early childhood in a Jedi temple and been indoctrinated not to have any relationships. Anakin is too old to be indoctrinated into Jedi life after nine years with friends and family.

He would struggle with his emotions and attachments as a Jedi, which is true. Despite this, Qui-Gon Jinn and later Obi-Wan Kenobi promise to teach Anakin the force so he can become a Jedi.

Anakin breaks many Jedi codes by falling in love with Padmé Amidala and having two children with her. Fear of losing Padme drives him to the dark side and eventually to Emperor Palpatine, who turns him into Darth Vader.

What Is The Age Difference Between Padmé And Anakin

Anakin was still a youngling when he met Padmé, but she was already a young adult. She may be the youngest Naboo queen, and she has always acted much older than her years, but she is still rather young.

How Old Was Anakin In Episode 1Source: 4K wallpapers

Padmé was born on Naboo in 46 BBY, and Anakin five years later in 41 BBY. Since Anakin is just five, Padmé is the elder of the two.

When Padmé Passed Away, How Old Was She

Padmé Amidala, after giving birth to Luke and Leia, “lost the will to live” and passed away shortly after giving them their names in Revenge of the Sith. When they were born, the Galactic Republic was reborn as the evil Empire, signaling the end of an era.

Both Luke and Leia had humble beginnings on the asteroid, Polis Massa, in the year 19 BBY, nineteen years before either would play a pivotal role in the Rebellion’s first decisive victory over the Galactic Empire. If true, Padmé would have been 27 when she passed away. Around age 22, Anakin would have been a major player in the Rebel Alliance.

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