How Old Was Will Smith In Fresh Prince: Was Will Smith’s First Project Fresh Prince?

People are curious about Will Smith’s age since, similar to Cher, he does not appear to get older. Because of this, a lot of people are asking How Old Was Will Smith In Fresh Prince and how old he is today.

Will has had starring roles in more than 76 different movies and television episodes throughout the course of his career. He has also won scores of honors, including an Academy Award in 2022 for his performance in the film King Richard.

However, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is the one show that will always be associated with the actor, who is now 54 years old.

Who Is Will Smith?

Will Smith has been one of the most well-known and well-liked people in the world for over two decades as an actor, film producer, and rapper. Smith is worth $350 million at the time of this writing. Will Smith earns $40 million or more annually from his various endeavors, and in some years he has earned as much as $80 million.

For instance, Will made $45 million in film and other income between June 2019 and June 2020.

In the 2000s, at the height of his career, Will’s movie paychecks averaged $20 million to $30 million. Over the past few years, he has earned massive one-film salaries from Netflix. After starring in “Bright” (2017, Netflix), he reportedly made $20 million.

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The film’s sequel reportedly earned him $35 million. He made $60 million total (plus bonuses) for “King Richard,” as well as an awkward Oscar.

He has also achieved some measure of fame on the internet. Will has amassed an impressive online following, including over 45 million on Instagram, 8 million on YouTube, and 30 million on TikTok as of this writing.

How Old Was Will Smith In Fresh Prince?

Will arrived at the Banks’ household when he was only 17 years old, carrying his bag after his mother sent him away from trouble – at least if the rap is anything to go by. It’s been 32 years since the first episode of The Fresh Prince aired on television, and the rap suggests that Will’s mother sent him away from trouble.

Will was just 22 years old when the first episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air aired in 1990. He was born in September 1968. However, it is most likely that he was 21 years old when the production of the series first began.

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Will played a fictionalized version of himself in the show, one who was born into a lower-class household but was sent to live with his family from a higher-class background. Will’s actual and lifelong best buddy from childhood, DJ Jazzy, also appeared on the evening. Will’s on-screen best friend, portrayed by Jeff as “Jazz.”

The American sitcom had a total of eight accolades at the end of its run, including the Top TV award from the ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards in the year 1994. It ran for a total of six seasons, with the last episode airing in May of 1996.

Is It True That Will Smith’s First Project Was Fresh Prince?

In the comedy The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which aired on NBC from 1990 to 1996, the main character, William “Will” Smith, is a fictionalized version of Smith. Jabari Banks, who plays the lead role in the 2022 Peacock online television program Bel-Air, also appears in the latter season.

Smith got his start in the music industry as the MC for the hip-hop combo DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, which also featured his boyhood buddy Jeffrey “DJ Jazzy Jeff” Townes, who was responsible for the production and turntable work.

In 1985, Townes was performing at a house party just a few doors down from Smith’s house, and Townes realized that he had forgotten to bring his hype guy with him. This coincided with their unexpected meeting. Smith offered to step in for the absent person. They had great chemistry together, so Townes was dissatisfied when his hype man showed up to the party.

Both the drama Six Degrees of Separation (1993) and the action film Bad Boys (1995), in which Smith featured alongside Martin Lawrence, are considered to be the films that established Smith as a leading actor. The subsequent movie was a financial success, bringing in a total of $141.4 million around the world. On the other hand, most of the reviews were split down in the middle.

How Old Is Will Smith Now?

Smith became 54 years old in September of 2022, and he has come a long way since the young man who sang about leaving Philadelphia. However, he did do a rap for various movies in which he starred, like Men in Black and Wild, and Wild West.

In addition to appearing in a vast number of movies, Will has also established a successful career in the production industry. It was reported in 2022 that he is the executive producer of the show’s revival, which is titled Bel-Air. During the 1990s, he served as the executive producer of the television sitcom The Fresh Prince.

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