Resetting Windows 11: How to Factory Reset Windows 11?

If you’re experiencing persistent issues with your Windows 11 computer or want to start fresh, a factory reset can help. It restores your device to its original state, removing personal files, settings, and applications. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Backup Your Data: Save important files on an external hard drive, USB flash drive, or cloud storage.
  2. Access the Settings Menu: Click the Start button, then select the gear-shaped Settings icon.
  3. Open the System Settings: Within Settings, choose “System” from the sidebar.
  4. Choose Recovery: Click the “Recovery” tab in System Settings.
  5. Initiate the Reset: Click “Reset PC.” Two options are available:
  • “Keep my files”: Reset your PC while preserving personal files. Applications and settings will be removed.
  • “Remove everything”: Reset your PC, deleting personal files, settings, and applications.
  1. Choose the Reset Method: Select either “Cloud download” or “Local reinstall.”
  • “Cloud download”: Requires an internet connection to download the latest version of Windows 11.
  • “Local reinstall”: Uses existing installation files on your PC, but may not have the latest updates.
  1. Begin the Reset: Click “Reset” and confirm your choice.
  2. Wait for the Reset: Windows 11 will start the factory reset process, which may involve multiple restarts.
  3. Set Up Windows 11: After the reset, your PC will restart, and you’ll see the initial setup screen. Follow on-screen instructions to configure preferences and create a new user account.

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Performing a factory reset resolves issues and gives your Windows 11 computer a fresh start. Back up your important files first, as the reset removes all data. By following these steps, you can easily factory reset Windows 11 and restore your computer to its original state.

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