Huge Great White Shark Spotted Off South Carolina Coast

About a year after it was discovered close to the New Jersey beach, a 12-foot great white shark was discovered off the coast of South Carolina this week.

According to OCEARCH, a nonprofit marine research organization that offers open-source information regarding shark migration, Ironbound, an adult great white shark weighing about 1,189 pounds, was observed twice close to South Carolina on Thursday morning.

In 2019, OCEARCH tags Ironbound before releasing him back into the water.

The tweet below confirms the news:

He was given the moniker West Ironbound Island when he was initially tagged on October 3, 2019, off the coast of Nova Scotia.

In an effort to improve data gathering, OCEARCH captures and fits sharks with trackers that ping whenever they break the ocean surface.

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Ironbound was discovered last year in late April off the coast of New Jersey. According to Bob Hueter, the head scientist at OCEARCH, the shark was roughly 20 years old at the time.

According to OCEARCH’s data, Ironbound has swum 15,186 kilometers since being tagged.

According to Hueter, great white sharks migrate yearly over the Atlantic Ocean, spending their summers in areas close to Canada and their winters as far south as the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

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