Husband Of Duxbury Mother Charged In Children Deaths Gives Statement

Last Tuesday, a tragedy at a Duxbury, Massachusetts, house claimed the lives of three small children, who were allegedly killed by their mother.

The murders of Lindsay Clancy’s children, Cora Clancy, 5, Dawson Clancy, 3, and Callan Clancy, eight months old, have led to multiple accusations against the 32-year-old Massachusetts General Hospital employee.

The father of all three children and Lindsay Clancy’s husband had been silent in the days that followed the tragic occurrence, but on Saturday, he made his first public statement.

Patrick Clancy claimed in his statement that he had already forgiven his wife and urged others to do the same, emphasizing that the “genuine Lindsay” was kind and considerate to everyone. Additionally, he recalled the characteristics of each of his kids, praising Cora’s contagious giggle, Dawson’s unwavering generosity, and Callan’s extreme happiness and vitality as a newborn.

“The nicest thing that has ever occurred to me is my family. I was incredibly proud to be Lindsay’s husband and the father of Cora, Dawson, and Callan, “He composed. “They gave me a reason to live, which I never took for granted. Where that purpose was, there is now a vast hole.”

The complete statement from Patrick Clancy

I appreciate your love and support, everyone. I feel embraced by the neighborhood, and your kindness gives me hope that I may concentrate on some form of healing. I have read all of your letters and comments, some from folks I haven’t spoken to in over ten years and many from people I’ve never met. I recognize and value each of you.

There is nothing at all that can prepare you for what many people have said they cannot even imagine. The anguish and shock are terrible and never-ending. They are always in my thoughts, and the little sleep I do get causes me to dream about them repeatedly.

As any parent will attest, you can never really comprehend how much you will love your children until you become parents. The same holds true for realizing how devastating it is to lose them. My existence was centered around Cora, Dawson, and Callan, and I would be lost without them.

The best thing that has ever occurred to me is my family. I was incredibly proud to be Lindsay’s spouse and the father of Cora, Dawson, and Callan. I always had to remind myself how lucky I was to have them in my life.

Callan would frequently wake up first and put his head on my shoulder to get used to the morning. Usually, Dawson would sing or talk aloud for a time before we went to retrieve him. Cora would just stroll downstairs because she was a big girl.

She used to enter the living room every morning with a smile on her face and her hair in a tangle. Reading novels, cuddling on the couch, and playing with magnet tiles were always the ways we began each day.

Whether it was scooting at Chandler Elementary, a trip, skiing, a boat ride, or to Duxbury Beach, one of our favorite places on earth, I liked taking them places. They gave me a reason to live, which I never took for granted. Where that purpose was, there is now a vast void.

Cora was breathtakingly lovely and had a contagious laugh. She was the one who was careful, but it was more because she was so compassionate.

She would practice by giving Callan checkups because she used to declare that she wanted to be a doctor and a mother when she grew up. She would designate someone to look after Caroline and Charlotte, her baby dolls if she needed to leave the house to go anywhere.

She provided all the doll accouterments, so her babysitters were prepared. She had mastered the art of perfect swaddling before she turned two. We used to compliment her on being such an “excellent little mama.” All babies, real or imagined, were beloved by her.

She cherished tea parties, lunches with Nana and Grandpa, sloths, unicorns, and giving gifts to others. She was an expert on princesses, with Sofia the First as her favorite. She frequently expressed in her gentle voice how much she loved her brothers and us.

We spent a lot of time together doing father-daughter activities like skiing, visiting San Francisco, and simply conversing. She was my first child, and I adored her.

Dawson had striking brown eyes that shone with friendliness. He was always willing to share his toys with others since he had a natural sense of humor and was more giving than the average toddler. He always returned more affection than he had received.

His unadulterated kindness was his best quality. He enjoyed being outside and enjoyed trucks, tractors, dinosaurs, Paw Patrol, and “working people.” He enjoyed getting into mischief and being mischievous, which he usually found amusing.

He was also incredibly intelligent. We always said it would be okay if we weren’t able to save enough for retirement since we could just move into Dawson’s guest house. He would give me a tighter embrace than most adults do, and at bedtime every night, without fail, he would say, “Goodnight, Dada, I love you.” Right away, we felt a strong connection.

He was my best friend, my first boy, and a true blessing.

Callan was a laid-back kid. He had to adapt, and he did so without much difficulty, I always claimed, because he was the third child. He arrived with little fuss and quickly proved to be our best sleeper. He was simply a really content and animated baby who never stopped grinning.

He went by the name “Happy Callan,” as we did. He was sitting by himself, and by the way, he would grasp anything in his line of sight, you could tell he was relishing his newfound independence. He occasionally joined my Microsoft calls while playing in his jumpy.

Too proud to turn it off, I would continue to use my camera. When I entered the room, he began calling me “Dada.” Our daily routine was our last shared experience. At the end of the day, I would get out of my office and swing him between my legs while he smiled and giggled.

Callan always understood how to make me feel better if I was ever having a bad day. To spare me as much grief as he could, he may have held on a bit longer. I was lucky and grateful to experience his warmth up to his last breath, as agonizing as it was. I can only hope that he sensed my presence via faith.

Callan, despite his small size, died with incredible bravery. Maybe he did that to show me what I needed to do to go forward. I’ll make an effort to be motivated by him always. He’s my little hero forever.

I want to talk about Lindsay a little bit. Recently, she has primarily been depicted by individuals who have never met Lindsay and have little knowledge of who she really is. Our marriage was great and got even better as her condition rapidly deteriorated.

I was as proud to be her spouse as I was to be a father, and I consistently felt fortunate to have her in my life. I can still clearly recall how to overcome I was with the kind of love at first sight that you only see in movies when I first lay eyes on her. It didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted to marry her. We frequently told each other, “I love you,” as if it were a reflex.

We would passionately hold each other first thing in the morning and sigh with relief as if we had each found the ideal remedy. She would glance at me and ask, “Did you forget?” if too much time had gone without a hug. We agreed that everyone has difficult days, but we insisted that if one of us got lost, the other would always be there to find them and return them home.

Nothing, not even her deep love and devotion to being a mother, could compare to how much she adored being a nurse. She had only ever desired it. Her zeal inspired me to become a better father.

I want to humbly request of each of you that you, like me, find it deep within to forgive Lindsay. The genuine Lindsay showed a great amount of love and concern for everyone, including me, our children, relatives, friends, and her patients. Her spirit is made entirely of love. Now, all I want for her is for her to find some serenity.

I swear I’ll give healing and rediscover my purpose and everything I’ve got. I owe it to everyone, especially Cora, Dawson, and Callan, as well as the Duxbury Fire and Police, our kind healthcare professionals, our neighborhood religious leaders, and the Microsoft community.

Your kindness and affection will enable me to begin, even if I don’t know how or when I’ll be able to do it. I’m aware that love always triumphs.

You all gave me so much in your brief time here, Cora, Dawson, and Callan. I’ll try my best to continue in your honor even though I’m not sure if the agony will ever go away. You are extremely cherished by Dada, and he will never forget you.

With love and utmost appreciation

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