Ian Brings Rain And Winds To Downtown St. Augustine

On Thursday afternoon, Tropical Storm Ian brought its full force to downtown St. Augustine, when water flowed over the seawall and into the city.

Early Thursday morning, water began pushing inland into North Ponce De Leon Boulevard from the area around the Bridge of Lions. By Thursday afternoon, A1A was totally flooded.

As the tides reached their highest point at 11:30 a.m., city officials encouraged residents to evacuate the area and warned motorists to keep out of the floodwaters. The city manager of St. Augustine warned that moving vehicles can drive water into homes that were previously dry.

Notice that by 5:30 p.m., the flooding along A1A had retreated (as shown in the shot below from the St. Augustine White Room), but the next high tide wouldn’t occur until 11:35 p.m.

A NOAA weather station in close proximity, at St. Augustine Beach, recorded a steady wind speed of 53 mph and a gust of 61 mph. A weather station measured a gust of 74 mph in Marineland.

That didn’t deter the kayakers, though.

Paddleboarders were spotted by News4JAX navigating the flooded streets of downtown Jacksonville during the storm.

Near Ponce De Leon Boulevard and Carrera Street, News4JAX crews discovered additional significant flooding about 4:30 p.m., when an SUV was observed hauling a Jeep out of the water.

Before being transported to safety, the water level in the Jeep had risen to the top of the front bonnet.
On Thursday night, emergency management teams were conducting a countywide evaluation. High water on A1A near State Road 206 prevented them from reaching Summer Haven.

Heavy flooding was discovered by News4JAX crews in downtown St. Augustine in the parking garage of Flagler College.
Moreover, getting across the bridge was nigh impossible for residents of Davis Shores. Only extremely tall vehicles could pass.

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