iCloud May Share Your Pictures To Stranger’s Computers

The recently released iCloud for Windows software from Microsoft, which links your iCloud account to your PC’s Photographs app, already has a bug that is delivering photos to the incorrect users.

When attempting to download their iCloud data onto a Windows device, a number of people have reported receiving someone else’s photographs as well as having their own images forwarded to other users on the MacRumors Forums.

Additionally, several users described getting damaged recordings that only played back as black screens with scan lines. On November 17, users started posting complaints about the app after Microsoft had introduced the function the previous Wednesday.

Users of the iCloud for Windows software will be able to combine all of their stuff from numerous devices, including phones, cameras, and different cloud storage services like iCloud Photos and OneDrive.

However, there is no doubt that Apple’s iCloud storage is the primary marketing tie-in. For ease of identification, iCloud photos are supposed to be labeled under their own folder. On Windows 11, however, the application produces a single gallery for all incoming pictures and videos.

This program also stands out since it may be found on Microsoft’s App Store, but the manual download version is frequently offered for many of the company’s products.

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On three distinct PCs, one running Windows 10 Pro and two running Windows 11 Pro, one MacRumors Forums member described being able to test the bug. All three had the same result, giving him photographs that were not his, leading him to believe that his images had been given to someone else.

The user said that he tested the bug on a number of Apple products, including an iPad, an iPhone 11 Pro, and an iPhone 13 Pro Max, and that his iPhone 14 Pro Max with HDR and HEVC enabled seemed to be the primary offender of the problem. He added that he contacted Apple about the issue but did not hear back from them.

Other forum users also left comments about their experiences using the software and getting unexpected pictures they didn’t take, such as pictures of kids and other strange things.

The implications for Apple’s security have been widely debated by users; whether Microsoft has been informed of this problem is unknown.

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