Idaho Case: Dog Found Skinned Head-To-Tail Has Nothing To Do With Killings Of College Students

The Moscow Police Department stated on Monday that a dog that was found skinned from head to tail on October 21 is not connected to the gruesome slayings of four students from the University of Idaho three weeks later.

Pamela Colbert’s neighbors found her lost dog, a 12-year-old mini Australian shepherd, completely skinned just down the road from her home, which is several miles from the scene of the murders that occurred off-campus. The dog was found just down the road from Pamela Colbert’s house, which is several miles from the scene of the murders that occurred off-campus.

Colbert, who is 78 years old, recalled in an interview with Fox News Digital that a supervisor at the Latah County Sheriff’s Office had told her: “There is no evidence that an animal has done this before. It was a human being that was responsible for this.”

On Monday, law enforcement officials put an end to speculations that the gruesome incidents were connected in any way, which had been spreading among certain residents.

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“Detectives are aware of a Latah County Sheriff’s Office incident of the report of a skinned dog and have determined that it is unrelated to this incident,” the Moscow Police Department said in a brief update on Monday evening. The statement was made in reference to the report of a skinned dog made by the Latah County Sheriff’s Office.

A Bernese Mountain Dog named Max, who belongs to her neighbor Clint Hughes, tore up his bed on the same day that Colbert’s dog was discovered dead near both of their houses in an area near a shed with overgrown grass. Max is a fluffy Bernese Mountain Dog.

He stated that “you could tell it just wasn’t an animal that did it,” adding that “it was plainly done with a knife.” “You could tell it just wasn’t an animal that did it,” he said.

2015 was the year when Moscow experienced its final homicide. After more than a week has passed after the tragedy, and the entire town is on edge since the police still do not have any suspects and have not recovered the weapon.

Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Ethan Chapin, 20, and Xana Kernodle, 20, were found dead on November 13, just a few blocks away from the campus of the University of Idaho. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Idaho State Police, and the Moscow Police Department are all investigating the deaths.

The four students returned to their home at approximately 1:45 in the morning, and according to the authorities, they were murdered between the hours of 1:00 and 4:00 morning.

Someone contacted 911 from one of the two roommates’ phones just before noon to report that there was a person who was unconscious. After finding the victims, the police informed the students at the University of Idaho that they were in danger.

On Monday, the investigators gathered at the scene of the crime expanded to investigate the parking lot and the wooded area behind the house.

A separate dog was discovered at the residence on the day of the murders, according to the Moscow Police Department, and it was delivered to a “responsible party.”

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