Idaho Murders: Roommates Who Were Asleep Throughout The Attack Break Their Silence

For the first time this past weekend, the two surviving roommates of three of the four University of Idaho students who were killed more than three weeks ago discussed the incident that claimed their friends’ lives.

On November 13, three peopleโ€”Ethan Chapin, 20, Xana Kernodle, 20, Madison Mogen, 21, and Kaylee Goncalves, 21โ€”were killed. Each was killed in bed after being stabbed multiple times in the chest and upper body.

The four students were stabbed to death while they slept on the second and third floors of their homes. Their other roommates, Dylan Mortensen, 19, and Bethany Funke, 19, were probably asleep on the first floor at the time.

A clergyman who presided over the gathering read comments that Mortensen and Funke prepared and presented at a memorial over the weekend.

According to the Daily Mail, Funke wrote, “I hope every day that I could give them all one last hug and express how much I love them.” You’ve always told me that everything occurs for a purpose, but I’m finding it quite difficult to comprehend why this is happening.

In her discussion of her housemates, Funke recalled Goncalves’s humor and unwavering drive for success, as well as Chapin’s devotion to his lover Kernodle.

Funke stated, “The way you loved her was absolutely admirable and very precious. It helped people develop a belief in true love.

Chapin and Kernodle, according to Mortensen, were the “ideal couple.”

According to Mortensen, “They both had this fun, passionate, insane, but good energy.” “They were both the kind of folks that genuinely cared about everyone and were willing to lend a hand. They were in this enduring, loving relationship. They would each give one other a loving gaze.”

Funke commended Kernodle’s disposition, referring to her as the “life of the party” and saying that she had the power to enchant everyone.

There wasn’t really anyone who didn’t adore you and your wonderful personality, she said.

The roommates emphasized the unbreakable friendship between Mogen and Goncalves, which has been mentioned by Goncalves’ family as the only solace in knowing that their daughter died close to her best friend.

Idaho Murders: Roommates Who Were Asleep Throughout The Attack Break Their Silence

Mortensen claimed that she considered Mogen and Goncalves to be both sisters and second mothers.

They gave her valuable advice on how to be a responsible adult and how to enjoy life. They altered my perspective on life and taught me how to live it to the fullest.

As “gifts to this planet,” all four of the students, according to Funke, “will never be forgotten and will forever remain in all of our hearts.”

At this time, no suspects have been located or detained. The surviving roommates and other friends who were present at the residence when the roommates dialed 911 have been excluded as suspects by Moscow police.

Those who brought Goncalves and Mogen home from downtown Moscow, including a food truck driver and a third-party driver, as well as Goncalves’ ex-boyfriend, have also been eliminated.

The Goncalves family indicated in an interview with NewsNation that authorities may have been too fast to exonerate those involved in the case while the inquiry continues with few to no answers.

“Kaylee’s mother, Kristi Goncalves, stated, “I just feel like there were a few people that were cleared very quickly that maybe shouldn’t have been.

The sister of Kaylee Goncalves stated that she has heard names “circulating” and hopes that police are looking into them.

“I’m not sure how much of that is due to the fact that law enforcement has provided us with so little information and how much of it is actually a sister’s or a father’s intuition, according to sister Alivea Goncalves.

Moscow police, meanwhile, continue to urge the public to only pay attention to police reports and not to depend on rumors spreading in the media, even if they acknowledge the level of anxiety and concerns surrounding the homicides.

“Without any supporting evidence, there is speculation that fuels public anxiety and spreads misleading information. For accurate information and the most recent developments, we recommend consulting official releases “According to various news releases.

Steve Goncalves, Kaylee Goncalves’ father, said he wants police to explain why particular suspects were disqualified.

He remarked, “I don’t know what would stop you from publishing someone’s alibi.

On Saturday night, he also said on Fox News that he thought their “means of death don’t match,” but he did not offer any additional support for this claim other than saying that the “points of harm don’t match.”

“I’ll just say it now. I didn’t get a leak of it. I merit that. That funeral was paid for by me “said he. “My daughter was sent to college. I’m able to comment on the fact that she returned in a box.”

According to the police, they don’t want to divulge any information that could jeopardize their investigation.

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