Identification Of Remains Found On Fort Myers Beach As Those Of A Lady Missing Since Ian

The bones discovered in a mangrove near Fort Myers Beach have been identified as those of 82-year-old Ilonka Knes, according to a statement released by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday morning.

Tuesday saw the discovery of Knes’ remains close to Fort Myers Beach Town Hall. She was recognized by her dental records, according to Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno, who stated this during a press conference.

The corpses were found and reported to authorities by a boating crew clearing out debris in the canal. When the discovery was found, Logan Sorto was working on a construction project opposite the canal. “My heart goes out to the family—what a shock it must be to find a loved one here,” he remarked. And it’s really shocking not just for me but also for my coworkers here. that they are aware that there are human remains only a few feet away from us.

Because of the passing of her dearest friend, Marti Gardner is in grief. “She was fantastic. She was so nice. She was so kind,” Gardner remarked. In 1996, we relocated to the seashore. Our initial encounters with Bob and Ilonka took place. They were right down the street from us. During our 16 years there, we got to know them.

Ilonka Knes’ pain in her closing moments was something Gardner thought she would never be able to get past. No one knew what had happened to her, despite my repeated calls to everyone I know.

Now that we all know the awful reality, Ian’s surge claimed a lot of lives.

“I was… I just… I learned that Bob had been located. And all I could think to reply was, “What about Ilonka?” stated Gardner.

That was a query that went unanswered for weeks on end. Bob, Knes’ husband, was discovered dead in their Tropical Shores Way residence.

Ilonka’s brother’s daughter, who is her niece, contacted me from Australia, according to Gardner. She was aware that a cleanup team had discovered human remains in the mangroves not far from Knes’ house.

“I told them that I believed they had located her, and she texted me to say that they had confirmed her identity with the family. I can’t help but cry, said Gardner. I’ll just keep in mind how sweet she was.

While wiping away her tears, Gardner acknowledged her suffering. I recently posted something on Facebook because I felt that someone ought to remember her because of how kind she was.

According to Gardner, Knes’ family is appreciative that her remains were discovered. Her family intends to cremate both her and her late husband Bob and scatter their ashes into the Gulf of Mexico together, she said.

Another Fort Myers Beach resident reported missing following Hurricane Ian, James Hurst, 72, has not been located as of yet.

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