IG: Killer Fired 80 Rounds At Officers, Bodycam Shows Death Shot

The Connecticut Office of the Inspector General released body camera footage and a preliminary report on the fatal police shooting in Bristol last week on Sunday, with the report stating that the suspect, Nicholas Brutcher, who was later killed in the incident, had initially fired “well over 80 rounds attacking the officers from behind.”

Two cops were murdered and a third was injured by the volley of gunfire, but the latter made it back to the police vehicle and fired “one shot” that killed Brutcher in a “justified” use of force, the report states.

IG: Killer Fired 80 Rounds At Officers, Bodycam Shows Death Shot
IG: Killer Fired 80 Rounds At Officers, Bodycam Shows Death Shot

Time of incident: at 10:42 p.m. the night of October 12th, “based on a 911 call believed to have been made by Nicholas Brutcher,” the preliminary report states that three Bristol police officers, Sergeant Dustin DeMonte, Officer Alex Hamzy, and Officer Alec Iurato, responded to 310 Redstone Hill Road.

According to what has been uncovered so far, police officers visited Brutcher at his home and chatted with him via a side door. They demanded that he put up his hands and leave the home. According to the story, gunshots started as soon as Brutcher opened the door.

According to the investigation, Nicholas Brutcher shot and killed Sergeant DeMonte and Officer Hamzy while also wounded Officer Iurato with his arsenal of more than eighty bullets. “Officer Iurato, who had been wounded in the leg, was able to make his way around the house and return to a Bristol Police Department car,” the article said.

The IG’s office also noted that “from that vantage position, he fired one shot hitting and killing Nicholas Brutcher.” While the specifics of the inquiry have still to be worked out, it is clear that Officer Iurato’s use of lethal force was warranted based on the available information.

There was also body cam footage of the event that was shared by the IG office.

Iurato is overheard stating, “Shots fired. Shots fired. More vehicles. Send everyone” on his police radio.

Police officers had been shot, he continued, writhing in anguish.

A distant cry can be heard in the footage, followed by the sound of many dozens of gunshots.

Despite his wounds, Iurato makes it back to the cruiser on foot. He steadies his gun while perched on the driver’s side door and fires a single shot. After that, a scream that sounds like a woman’s may be heard.

The person’s voice can be heard pleading, “No! Let me breathe. Let me breathe. Oh, God!”

The distant muttering of “He’s down” confirms this.

Iurato radios in, “One down,” while pointing a spotlight in the direction of the house’s driveway. Killer in custody.


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