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Illegal Lab in California Created Bioengineered Mice to Spread COVID-19

Illegal Lab in California Created Bioengineered Mice to Spread COVID-19

Illegal Lab in California Created Bioengineered Mice to Spread COVID-19

A covert investigation in a rural California warehouse has uncovered a disturbing illegal laboratory filled with hazardous substances, infectious agents, medical waste, and hundreds of bioengineered mice designed to carry the COVID-19 virus.

The facility, located in Reedley, California, was operated by Prestige Biotech, a Chinese medical company registered in Nevada, without a valid business license. The shocking discovery came to light after a code enforcement officer noticed a garden hose attached to the presumed vacant building, leading to further inspection and investigations by the Fresno County Public Health Department.

Discovery and Investigation

In December 2022, the Fresno County Public Health Department launched an investigation into the facility after noticing suspicious activities.

The tweet below says “Officials bust illegal lab containing 20 infectious agents.”

Subsequent inspections in March revealed the presence of various chemicals, suspected biological materials, bodily fluids, and hundreds of lab mice. The facility also housed medical devices, including COVID and pregnancy tests, believed to have been developed on-site.

Lack of Compliance and Hazardous Materials

Despite multiple attempts to communicate with Prestige Biotech, the company failed to comply with orders, such as providing a hazardous and medical waste disposal plan.

In response, Fresno County officials accused the company of withholding information. Due to the nature of the materials found, authorities had to conduct a separate investigation, involving federal, state, and local agencies, as the warehouse was private property.

Disturbing Findings and CDC Involvement

The investigation led to the discovery of numerous potentially infectious agents, including HIV, COVID, chlamydia, rubella, and malaria. Hundreds of mice were also found, genetically engineered to carry the COVID-19 virus.

The tweet below says “Now there’s a Chinese-linked lab in California with 100s of mice, medical waste, bodily fluids, etc.”

After serving an abatement warrant, the city seized and euthanized 773 mice, with an additional 178 mice found deceased. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were called in to assess the situation further.

Prestige Biotech’s Operations

Prestige Biotech had been operating the unlicensed and unregulated laboratory since October 2022, taking over assets from a now-defunct company, Universal Meditech Inc. (UMI). The company claimed to be working on COVID and pregnancy tests with aspirations to become a diagnostics lab.

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