In 2009, Herschel Walker Says He Did Not Pay For A Girlfriend’s Abortion

The Daily Beast revealed on Monday night that Herschel Walker, the Republican contender for Senate in Georgia, paid for an abortion for a woman he was seeing in 2009. Walker refuted the claims, termed the article a “flat-out fabrication,” and threatened legal action against the publication.

The claims and reporting by The Daily Beast have not been validated by CBS News.

In 2009, Herschel Walker Says He Did Not Pay For A Girlfriend's Abortion
In 2009, Herschel Walker Says He Did Not Pay For A Girlfriend’s Abortion

Walker allegedly “urged” the lady to get an abortion because “the timing wasn’t appropriate for a kid,” as reported by The Daily Beast. The tale goes that after the surgery, he sent her a $700 check along with a get-well card to show his support.

According to the article by Roger Sollenberger, the lady requested anonymity due to “privacy concerns.” The treatment took occurred before to Walker’s marriage, which he confirmed with one of the woman’s close acquaintances.

Walker said of the reporter, “This is another vile hatchet job from a Democrat activist dressed as a reporter who has compulsively attacked my family and sought to tear me down since this election began,” in a statement uploaded to Twitter.

According to a recent article in The Daily Beast, Walker is the father of four kids: three boys and a girl. Three of the four were hidden from public view before to his Senate race, but he came clean about them in June after the revelation.

“He has labeled my kids “secret” because I refused to use them as political pawns. They’ve gone and slandered me already, and now they have a secret source to back it up. Everything is fair game if it means maintaining power. Politics at this level is very repulsive and degrades our society “What Walker really stated. I can’t take it any longer.

As a result of “this defamatory fabrication,” Walker said, he plans to launch a lawsuit against the Daily Beast on Tuesday. A decision on how to proceed with this case has not yet been made, Robert Ingram, Walker’s attorney, said to CBS News on Tuesday.

On Monday, Fox News anchor Sean Hannity confronted Walker about the “get well” card and $700 check, and Walker said he never pushed anybody to seek an abortion, calling it a fraud. In response to further questioning concerning the $700 check, he claimed to transfer money “to a number of individuals.”

Walker’s race against Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock is one of the closest Senate races in the nation. In reaction to the article in The Daily Beast, Warnock told the Atlanta Journal Constitution, “I’ll let the commentators determine how they believe it will effect the campaign.”

Warnock leads Walker by two points, according to a CBS News survey conducted on the campaign earlier this month. The study found that 67% of respondents whose main concern was abortion planned to vote for Warnock, while 58% of those who disapproved of Walker’s personal conduct said they would vote for him.

Walker has been quoted as saying he opposes abortions and would make “no exceptions.”

“I have faith in living things. Being a devout Christian, “At a news conference in mid-September, Walker made the following statement. “Strangely, my opponent seemed to take pleasure in a mother’s murder of her child. He advocated allowing mothers to terminate pregnancies up to the moment of delivery. A doctor, a patient, and the government should not be in the same room, or words to that effect, as he puts it. To which she replies, “Do you not understand there’s a baby in that room too?””

According to AdImpact, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has reserved and spent $17,837,060 on commercials for the Georgia Senate campaign. After reading The Daily Beast’s piece, the committee vowed to keep supporting Walker and labeled it “innuendo and falsehoods.”

On Tuesday, NRSC Chairman Rick Scott issued a statement in which he claimed, “Democrats resort to lying, cheating, and smearing their opponents whenever they’re in a position of political disadvantage, as they now are. That is exactly what is transpiring at this very now.” In his next sentence, he compared the news to “the smears they tried against Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas, and it will not work.”

“Herschel has refuted these charges, and the NRSC and Republicans stand with him, and Georgians will stand with him too,” Scott stated.

Christian Walker, one of Herschel’s kids, took to Twitter after his father’s first rejection of the tale to express his gratitude and ask that he stop “lying and making a joke of us.”

“The whole Walker family begged Herschel not to run for government, knowing full well what he had done in the past. Each and every one of them. He lied about everything and stuck two fingers up at us by airing it all out in public. The end, “stated in another of his Tweets.

CBS News has attempted to reach Christian Walker for comment but has not heard back from him. Additional videos with him saying, “It’s truly his handwriting on the card,” were released to Twitter on Tuesday.

The Herschel Walker campaign texted back, “I LOVE my kid no matter what,” in response to a question regarding the candidate’s son’s use of Twitter.

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