In An Emotional Video, Celine Dion Shares The Diagnosis Of An Incurable Neurological Disorder

Celine Dion announced to her followers in a video that she has been diagnosed with an incurable neurological illness while fighting back tears.

The 54-year-old Canadian native spoke out on Instagram, “You are aware that I’ve always been honest. And now that I’m ready to speak, I wasn’t prepared to do so earlier. I’ve had issues with my health for a very long time. And facing these difficulties and sharing everything I’ve gone through has been incredibly difficult for me.”

Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS), which “affects about one in a million persons,” was then confirmed to be Dion’s diagnosis.

The Cleveland Clinic defines SPS as “an uncommon central nervous system condition that causes autoimmune movement (the brain and spinal cord).

People who have this ailment first notice a tightening of their trunk muscles, which is gradually followed by the emergence of stiffness and rigidity in the legs and other body muscles.”

Dion described the exact challenges she has been experiencing, such as mobility limitations.

“We now know that this is what has been causing all of the spasms I’ve been experiencing, despite the fact that we are still learning about this uncommon ailment.

Regrettably, these spasms interfere with every area of my everyday life, sometimes making it difficult for me to walk and preventing me from using my vocal chords to sing as I normally would.”

The mother of three posted two pre-recorded videos—one in English and one in French—in which she informed supporters that she would be devoting more time to her health and would have to cancel the European portion of her tour.

“I’m sorry to have to break the news to you today that I won’t be prepared to resume my European tour in February. My wonderful children are supporting me and giving me hope, and a great team of specialists is working with me to get better.”

The “My Heart Will Go On” singer postponed the last North American dates of her “Courage World Tour” in January, claiming the need to “recover from recent health concerns.”

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