In Las Vegas Reporter’s Murder, Clues Emerge

On Monday, police published photographs from surveillance film of a person they believe is responsible for the fatal stabbing of Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Jeff German, and they are now seeking for the public’s assistance in locating additional footage.

On Saturday morning at about 10:30, the body of a 69-year-old journalist was discovered on the side of his house in the 7200 block of Bronze Circle, close to North Tenaya Way. According to the police investigation, German was stabbed because of an argument he had the day before.

In Las Vegas Reporter's Murder, Clues Emerge
In Las Vegas Reporter’s Murder, Clues Emerge

Photos depict a person with a wide straw hat, an orange reflective long-sleeve shirt, blue jeans, gray shoes, and a black or dark blue shoulder bag.

The Clark County coroner’s office determined that German, a veteran journalist whose career spanned four decades, died of multiple sharp force injuries.

According to a statement released by Metro on Sunday, the department has activated major case protocol in an effort to swiftly apprehend a suspect.

Metro Capt. Dori Koren said in the statement, “We take this matter very seriously and our investigators have been working non-stop to identify and apprehend the perpetrator.” In order to accomplish this, we are now pleading with the general public for support. Photographs of the suspect were found throughout the investigation.

When German was killed, police believe the assailant was scoping out the area in preparation for further attacks. They are specifically looking for footage shot between the hours of 8 am and 1 pm. Where Vegas Drive and Rock Springs Road Meet on Friday

German’s front window and side gate still bore police tags as of Monday afternoon. And it was plain to see that the cops had already checked the area. A detective’s business card was left on the door of numerous houses within a few blocks of German’s house, along with a note requesting the residents to contact the investigator.

Several neighbors who were approached by the Review-Journal declined to comment on what has happened in their neighborhood over the past three days. Some people commented behind closed doors that they were now afraid because of the murder.

Those that were open to discussion expressed concern over the proximity of the violence to their homes.

One local, Jamie Drake, described the situation as “genuinely extremely nasty,” especially in light of the recent break-ins. Someone broke into our neighbor’s truck, and then someone down the street had their car broken into. That’s a rather awful situation.

As reported by Drake and her partner Jess McLarry, there have been several car break-ins in the area, however it is unclear if these incidents are linked. They, like the rest of us, can only guess as to whether German’s line of work had a role in the murder or whether he had encountered a prospective intruder.

According to McLarry, “it seems like a crime of opportunity.” “I don’t think this is the work of someone with a grand scheme.”

Drake also mentioned that “some crazy people have been strolling around in the middle of the night.”

Drake thought the suspect pictured in the images published by police on Monday could be someone she’s seen around the neighborhood before, but she couldn’t be sure.

Drake remarked, “Kind of seems familiar.” The hat reminds me of something. There is a guy who seems to merely wander around during the day, albeit he is frequently accompanied. To say that man is him would be an untruth. That guy usually just strolls aimlessly. Just a tad bit of an oldster.”

The road in front of German’s complex was blocked by traffic cones because of a utilities construction project that stretched for a whole city block.

German covered courts, politics, labor, government, and organized crime for the Las Vegas Sun for nearly two decades until joining the Review-Journal in 2010.

On Sunday, former coworkers, lawyers, and politicians paid tribute to the dogged journalist whose articles revealed the criminality and corruption of government officials, lawyers, judges, casino owners, and mob members.

Ex-Sun editor Michael Lucas recalled a Thanksgiving in the early 1980s when German interviewed Chicago gangster Tony Spilotro in Las Vegas.

Even though it was early in his career, “I was impressed by how strict and intense he was,” Lucas remarked.

His reporting over the past few years has exposed issues with city inspections before the 2019 Alpine Motel Apartments fire that killed 32 people, as well as allegations of bullying, hostility, and mismanagement within the office of the Clark County public administrator, and extremist activity within Southern Nevada.

The second season of the Review-critically Journal’s acclaimed true-crime podcast “Mobbed Up: the Fight for Vegas” was written and hosted by German.

On Monday, the National Press Club and the Journalism Institute of the National Press Club published a joint statement condemning German’s murder.

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