In the Latest Afternoon Update, the Threat of Tornadoes and Very Large Hail Have Both Risen

This afternoon, a line of severe thunderstorms is heading across Lower Michigan. Here’s the current forecast for severe weather. Tornadoes are more likely to form in southeast Lower Michigan, according to the Storm Prediction Center. They also maintained the possibility of two inch or greater hail and raised the possibility of one inch hail.

Damage from severe weather is most likely to come from localized areas of huge hail. There’s a potential of extremely huge hail, over two inches in diameter, in the far southeast Lower area shown in red.

Hail as small as 2 inches in diameter can crack windshields and puncture roofs. Please use the garage to store your vehicles until 7:00 p.m. In addition to producing massive hail, the violent storms might also bring with them brief but significant wind gusts. The red coloured area in southeast Lower Michigan now has a 5% chance of being hit by a tornado.

The tweet below verifies the news about latest forecast for severe weather this afternoon in Michigan:

From Jackson, Flint, and Sandusky to the southeast, including the entire Ann Arbor area and all of Detroit, there is an enhanced risk of tornadoes. In the event of severe weather, check MLive’s weather page for updates. If you want to follow severe weather coverage in real time, like the MLive Facebook page.

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