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Inclement Weather to Sweep Across California: A Weekend Outlook

Inclement Weather to Sweep Across California

Inclement Weather to Sweep Across California

California residents, get ready for a change in the weather! A series of low-pressure systems are poised to bring a mix of winds, rain, and even snow to various parts of the Golden State over the next few days. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what’s in store for the weekend and beyond, highlighting how this weather may impact travel and outdoor plans for Californians.

Weekend Forecast: Cool Breezes and Light Rain

The first low-pressure system will kick off the action, introducing cooler winds and light rain over the weekend. A cool breeze blowing in from the Pacific Ocean will envelop San Francisco and the Peninsula. This will keep temperatures in the upper 60s to lower 70s along the bay shore and lower 80s inland.

Residents along the bay shore and delta can expect breezy conditions and daytime temperatures in the upper 60s to lower 70s on Saturday afternoon. Additionally, the inland valleys, like Santa Rosa and Walnut Creek, will experience lower 80s, a 15-degree drop from earlier in the week. These winds will bring moisture, leading to drizzle on the Peninsula and East Bay hills overnight.

Rainfall Relief for Northern California

On Sunday, the low-pressure system is set to make landfall near Eureka and Mendocino, promising much-needed rainfall for Northern California, including areas affected by wildfires such as the Smith River and Happy Camp complexes. A coating of rain is expected, with up to a tenth of an inch along the immediate coastline west of Highway 101. Sprinkles are also in the forecast for inland valleys and the Sacramento Valley. Coastal ranges in Marin and San Mateo counties will shield the region from most of the showers.

While weather models predict a slight chance of thundershowers in the outer suburbs of the Bay Area and Sacramento Valley, these are expected to be short-lived. Shower activity will diminish by Sunday evening, with the remaining inclement weather heading to the San Joaquin Valley and the Grapevine along Interstate 5, where travelers should be cautious of slick road conditions and gusts over 30 mph.

Looking Ahead: A Midweek Chill and Snowflakes

After a brief respite from inclement weather on Monday and Tuesday, the next low-pressure system is due to arrive midweek, bringing colder temperatures to parts of Northern California.

Snow showers are anticipated in the Sierra Nevada, with flurries possible around Tahoe and Yosemite. Travelers to these regions should prepare for snowfall, particularly at elevations above 5,000 feet. Slick road conditions along the I-80 corridor and rural roads leading to Yosemite Valley could pose challenges for travelers.

As the weather evolves, stay tuned for updates on this dynamic forecast.


California’s diverse weather patterns are on full display with a mix of rain, snow, and cool breezes set to impact the state over the weekend and into the week ahead. While this weather brings some relief, it also underscores the importance of staying informed and prepared for changing conditions, especially for travelers and those living in areas prone to inclement weather.

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