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Indian-Origin Man Killed In US Armed Robbery

Indian-Origin Man Killed In US Armed Robbery

Indian-Origin Man Killed In US Armed Robbery

Washington: According to media sources, a 66-year-old gas station attendant of Indian descent was shot dead during an armed robbery in the US city of Philadelphia. Police are now looking for three males in connection with the murder.

According to 6ABC, a Philadelphia news station, Philadelphia police on Thursday released surveillance footage showing the three suspects sought for the murder of Patro Siboram.

The event happened on Tuesday at the Exxon in Tacony, Northeast Philadelphia, in the 7100 block of Torresdale Avenue.

The masked men’s attire may be able to help someone identify them, according to investigators.

According to the police, the masked guys entered the mini-mart at the petrol station and forced their way into a back room where Patro, the store’s employee, was working.

They attacked him, gave him a single backshot, then took off with a cash register. A few minutes later, doctors declared Patro dead.

“It was terribly sad. It was terrible. Sadly, there was an assassination of the member. He was well-liked by those in the neighborhood who interacted directly with children, “Captain Jose Medina of the Philadelphia Police said.

According to CBS News Philadelphia, Patro, who is originally from India, had recently returned from an international trip.

He leaves a wife and son in his wake.

The Exxon gas station manager claims that more security gates are being installed, and window service will only be available during specific hours.

Neighbors praised Patro, noting that he was kind and helpful and knew his clients well. He was worried about an increase in crime in the vicinity, including attempted break-ins at the store’s gaming machines and carjackings.

A client stated Patro was “such a nice person,” adding that “he just didn’t deserve it.” Philadelphia offers a USD 20,000 prize for information leading to an arrest and conviction in any homicide.

In the US, there are a lot of Indians and other South Asians working at gas stations. A guy of Indian descent was slain in September at a gas station in Tupelo, Mississippi.

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