Indiana AG Files Complaint Against Doctor Who Gave 10-year-old An Abortion

As the two contend over abortion in the state, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita requested that Dr. Caitlin Bernard, a provider of abortions, face disciplinary action from the state’s medical licensing board.

A copy of the administrative complaint, which Rokita posted online, claims that Bernard broke both federal and state laws pertaining to patient privacy and reporting child abuse. Rokita filed the complaint with the state’s medical licensing board on Wednesday.

In June, Bernard made it known to the public that she had treated a 10-year-old rape victim who had flown from Ohio to Indiana for care by performing an abortion. Ohio had a law in existence at the time prohibiting abortions after six weeks.

The Associated Press reported in October that a judge has subsequently suspended the restriction while a legal challenge is ongoing.

The attorney general’s action follows a lawsuit that Bernard and Dr. Amy Caldwell, a colleague, filed earlier this month asking the court to enjoin Rokita and Scott Barnhart, the director of the attorney general’s office’s consumer protection division, from accessing patient medical records and looking into abortion providers.

Rokita, though, asserted that he is not accusing Bernard of executing an abortion and that his office is not attempting to make anyone’s medical records public.

Rokita claims that Bernard “failed to maintain legal and Hippocratic responsibilities by abusing a 10-year-old child girl’s horrific medical narrative to the press for her own interests” in a statement made on Wednesday. Rokita further charged Bernard with violating Indiana law by neglecting to properly report her patient’s abuse.

Bernard’s testimony, which was presented to the court last week as part of the ongoing litigation, was, according to Rokita, sufficient proof that the licensed physician had broken professional rules and failed to obtain written consent before disclosing the minor’s medical records.

“When Dr. Bernard revealed her patient’s maltreatment, health problems, and medical care to a reporter at an abortion rights demonstration to advance her political objective, she broke the law, betrayed her patient’s confidence, and transgressed medical ethics norms. Her legal and ethical obligations here go much beyond simply hiding the patient’s name “Rokita stated in the press release.

According to a statement, Rokita said that “only Indiana authorities could have possibly prevented this little child from being sent home to endure potential future harm by her alleged rapist.”

Under oath, Bernard said that she complied with the law, and her attorney, Kathleen DeLaney, told ABC News in a statement that the doctor alerted social workers and state authorities to probable child abuse.

DeLaney added that interactions between hospital social workers and law enforcement are recorded.

A 10-year-old girl who was raped and became pregnant by an Ohio man was accused of leaving the state to get an abortion, according to the police.

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