Indianapolis Police Officer Killed in Domestic Violence Call, Suspect Seeks Insanity Defense

A man accused of killing an Indianapolis police officer in 2020 while she was responding to a domestic violence call is attempting to avoid the death penalty by using the defense of insanity.

Elliahs Dorsey’s attorneys submitted a motion to the court on Wednesday claiming that according to a doctor’s report, he had a mental disorder at the time he fatally wounded Officer Breann Leath of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

When Dorsey was fatally shot through the door of an Indianapolis apartment, Leath and three other officers were responding to a complaint about domestic violence involving Dorsey, according to authorities. She was shot twice in the head, killing her.

The tweet below confirms the news:

Dorsey is accused of shooting a lady he had imprisoned inside the flat, according to one counts each of murder and criminal confinement. He also faces four charges of attempted murder.

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His counsel agreed that they submitted their application for an insanity defense later than usual, but they partially attributed the delay to COVID-19 pandemic-related problems.

This month, a Marion County court decided that prosecutors can ask for Dorsey’s execution.

Currently, the first day of Dorsey’s trial is set for September 18.

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