Infant’s Death Led To The Arrest And Manslaughter Prosecution Of A Woman

The Coos County District Attorney reported on Thursday that a woman was arrested and booked into jail following the death of an infant that she had been hired to care for but who died as a result of abusive head trauma.

On November 14, the Coos County 911 Center received a call from a person who was later identified as Hayley Reanne Steele, 27, of Myrtle Point.

The caller stated that a baby she was caring for was not breathing normally and that the child’s eyes “were not responding in a normal manner.” This information was provided by the Coos County District Attorney. Coos County deputies and medical staff from Coquille and Myrtle Point went to the call and located a newborn who was 10 months old and in severe condition, according to the District Attorney for the county.

The district attorney stated that the youngster was transferred to Coquille Valley Hospital, where it was discovered that they had a skull fracture as well as internal bleeding in the brain.

The infant was then flown to a hospital in Portland. According to the district attorney, the medical staff at the hospital came to the conclusion that the child’s injuries were not accidental or the product of natural causes but rather were the consequence of abusive head trauma. The district attorney stated that despite the efforts of the medical staff, the infant was unable to be saved and passed dead on November 16 at approximately 9 p.m.

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According to the district attorney, the Coos County Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon State Police began their investigation into the case as soon as it was reported. As part of their investigation, they conducted a search of the residence in which the infant was being cared for and interviewed a number of witnesses.

According to the District Attorney, Steele was taken into custody early on November 17 and booked into the Coos County Jail on charges of first-degree manslaughter, first-degree assault, and first-degree criminal mistreatment.

Steele was formally arraigned on November 18 shortly after 8:00 a.m., according to the District Attorney for Coos County, who stated that the charges were formally filed later on Thursday. The 2nd of December is the day of her next court appearance.

The Coos County Sheriff’s Office requests that anyone who may have information regarding this incident get in touch with them.

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