Ink Master Season 14: Is the Wait Finally Over?

As 2020 closed, viewers of the 13 seasons of “Ink Master” drama were left reeling. The images of judge Oliver Peck in blackface began to surface about when season 13 began. Even though he was swiftly fired from the show by the Paramount Network, he still appeared on the channel in subsequent episodes because they had already been taped. The COVID-19 epidemic subsequently put the season 13 finale in limbo, as the competitors and production staff could not get together to shoot a live finale and crown a winner.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it was announced soon after the shortened season that Ink Master season 14 would not be airing. The move followed a general trend from Paramount to focus more on scripted programming, but the temptation of more “Ink Master” was too great to ignore. According to Deadline, Paramount has chosen to move forward with Season 14 of “Ink Master” as it tries to encourage more people to subscribe to its new streaming channel, Paramount+.

More About The Show Of Ink Master Season 14!

The Flash Challenge and the Elimination Challenge are the two preliminary rounds presented in “Ink Master” each week. The first round determines which performers performed the skill of the week the best. The task winner in the Elimination Challenge gets to choose their human canvas and the human canvases of the other artists competing in the challenge.

The competitors in the Elimination Challenge are assigned a concept around which they must make a tattoo. The pupil who performs the worst is sent home. There may be more than one elimination in some episodes, or occasionally one judge will opt to “forgive” a participant.

Out of the final remaining participants, one artist is selected as the winner in the finale. In addition to a cash award of $100,000 and the opportunity to be featured in the Inked Magazine, the winner is given the title of Ink Master. Every season often has a theme as well. The 14th season’s central theme’s specifics have not yet been released. But it’s predicted that the format won’t change.

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 Ink Master Season 14 Cast: Who Will Be New Added?

 Ink Master Season 14 Cast

New tattoo artists, eager to compete for fame, fortune, and the coveted “Ink Master” title, will likely appear in the upcoming season. The identity of those who will be evaluating their abilities is currently unknown.

No need to spell it out, but Oliver Peck won’t be returning as a judge, leaving only Dave Navarro and Chris Nez. There’s a good chance they’d want to come back even though the programme was officially ended in 2020. Any number of people who have served as guest judges on “Ink Master” over the years might be considered for a permanent spot there.

It’s also possible that Paramount will opt for a fresh start in every respect. Likely, future episodes will feature a new judging panel, bringing some exciting new perspectives. To keep things interesting after 13 seasons, it would be wise to bring in some new judges.

Ink Master Season 14  Release Date

Streaming service Paramount+ has announced that the 14th season of the reality competition series “Ink Master” will premiere on Wednesday, September 7, in the United States and has published a first peek trailer for the next season featuring the returning participants.

Season 12 of “Ink Master” premiered on June 11, 2019, and season 13 premiered on January 7, 2020, demonstrating how quickly new episodes can be filmed and distributed. Granted, the public health crisis related to COVID-19 is still intense, so it may be a while before Paramount execs feel safe pursuing a new season.

To sum up, fans shouldn’t hold their breath for fresh episodes of “Ink Master” until at least the beginning of 2022. Paramount+ might promote the new season as honouring a decade of great (and sometimes not-so-wonderful) tattoos if they choose to revive the show now since it initially aired in 2012.

It’s no secret that “Ink Master” has spawned its fair share of offshoots like “Grudge Match” and “Angels” throughout the years. Paramount may be waiting to see how well the main series does before deciding whether to renew the spinoffs or not.

But Paramount+ might have some fun with the return of the reality show by releasing a unique video to officially announce the return of the series, perhaps one that also exposes who will occupy the place of the third judge. If all three are brand new, this is an excellent opportunity to tease what the rest of the season has in store for viewers. The bright side is that all professional tattoo artists still have a shot at being named an “Ink Master,” whatever that means. This also implies that you can still be one of the show’s human canvases.

Ink Master Season 14  Trailer: When Will It Air?

Here is the teaser of Ink Master 14; you can watch and enjoy it!

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