Inmate Hits Pregnant Medical Worker in Stomach, Killing Fetus

The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office said that inmate Cheri Akil is being charged with murder because she punched a pregnant medical worker in the stomach, which caused her to lose the baby.

Annie Gimbel and Caroline Vandergriff of CBS Texas say that the claimed attack took place at John Peter Smith Hospital on April 12. Akil, who is 39 years old, had been arrested two days before for using a credit card or bank card without permission.

Police said Akil was held back because he was thinking about killing himself. Police say that Akil hit the nurse while she was standing next to her bed. It wasn’t clear why.

The woman went to the JPS Trauma Unit to get help, and an ultrasound showed that her unborn baby no longer had a heartbeat.

Court records show that Akil was arrested before for driving while drunk, trying to run a game room without permission, and assaulting someone and hurting them.

On April 18, no one could talk to the Tarrant County Sheriff about what happened. But his office said that JPS workers were the ones who tied Akil down.

In a statement, Jessica Virnoche, the executive director of communications for the JPS Health Network, said, “The safety and health of our team members is our top priority.” “JPS takes cases of workplace violence very seriously, and there are systems in place to evaluate and deal with environmental risks. Due to privacy rules for individuals and patients, JPS cannot give any more details about this incident at this time.”

Akil was moved to a secure part of the hospital, where she will stay until she is taken to the Tarrant County Jail.

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