Innocent St. Louis Mother Was Murdered During A Carjacking Attempt In Front Of Her Little Daughter

A photograph of Kay Johnson was provided to 5 on Your Side by her father, Mr. Johnson.

He stated that his daughter had spent the previous two years residing on Compton Avenue in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood located on the south side of St. Louis. Johnson’s father resides in the Volunteer State.

He stated that at midnight on Tuesday night, his daughter was pulling into the garage behind their home in her Honda Civic when they heard gunshots ring out and slash through the air.

The mother, who was 38 years old, was killed when a gunshot entered her face.

The daughter of Johnson, who was 14 at the time, was seated on the front passenger seat of their vehicle when her mother passed away.

The police in St. Louis have stated that they have a strong suspicion that the defenceless mother was simply one of a number of victims in a series of recent attempted or confirmed carjackings.

The violent crimes that have taken place recently have Johnson’s neighbours worried, as they shared their thoughts with 5 On Your Side on Wednesday.

“I am familiar with how you are feeling because I have been a victim of theft in the past. Now, I’m simply trying to be really, extremely cautious “Cheryl Tiolet, a neighbour stated.

The investigation into the string of crimes has resulted in the arrest of three juveniles, all of whom are suspected to be connected to the crimes.

James Clark, the public safety director for the Metropolitan Urban League of St. Louis, stated that “these young people represent a sea of young people who are caught up in the same lifestyle.” “These young people symbolise a sea of young people who are caught up in the same lifestyle,”

According to Clark, a “lifestyle” is something that can only be changed with the assistance of an entire society.

“We are mistaken if we believe that we can simply will this problem away. In order to slow down our trajectory and increase the amount of resources flowing into the communities, we have to be really proactive “Clark added.

In the meantime, Kay Johnson’s father stated that the arrests of the three suspects aged 16, 17, and 18 bring some relief for him, Kay’s two elder siblings, and their grieving family.

Call either the St. Louis police or CrimeStoppers if you have any information concerning the murder of Johnson, which is being investigated.

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