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Intruder Caught Using Pierce Brosnan’s Outdoor Shower

Intruder Caught Using Pierce Brosnan's Outdoor Shower

Intruder Caught Using Pierce Brosnan's Outdoor Shower

An intruder used Pierce Brosnan’s outdoor shower at his home in California after he or she urinated and pooped in the yard of a neighboring house, police say.

Police were called to the actor’s Malibu home because someone had seen a man hanging out near the seaside homes.

The man, who hasn’t been named yet, is said to have pooped and peed in the yard of the house next door to Mr. Brosnan’s.

He looked through some trash cans before going to Mr. Brosnan’s house and using the outdoor shower there.

“The man went from the beach to the Brosnans’ house and used the outdoor shower.” “The staff helped him leave the property,” a rep for the Irish actor said.

Charges of Breaking the Law

After that, the stranger went toward the beach. He was hiding between some rocks, but a police chopper found him. He was put in jail and will be charged with breaking the law.

Keely Shaye Smith, the actor’s 59-year-old wife with whom he has two children, was allegedly at home when the break-in happened. No one knows if Mr. Brosnan, who is 70, was also at home.

The tweet below verifies the news:

A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office said, “The suspect broke into a neighboring property, which belonged to someone else, went into their laundry room, used their water, and then ran away. He then broke into Mr. Brosnan’s property.”

It’s not the first time that the man who used to play James Bond has had his privacy broken. He got a protection order against a woman he said was following him and his family last year. The woman, who was 55 years old, had been living in her car in front of the actor’s house.

The beachfront home, which was built on two plots of land next to each other, is said to be worth $100 million.

Mr. Brosnan is known for his parts in the 1980s TV show Remington Steele and the 2008 movie Mamma Mia!, in which he acted with Meryl Streep and Colin Firth.

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He was born in the Irish county of Louth, but he went to Britain when he was young.

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