Iowa Teen Identified as Victim of Notorious Scorecard Killer After 49 Years

In a chilling revelation that sends shivers down our spines, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department has finally unveiled the identity of a long-known “John Doe,” who is believed to be one of the earliest victims of the notorious California serial killer, Randy Kraft, also known as the “Scorecard Killer.” After 49 years of anonymity, the teen has been identified as Michael Ray Schlicht from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The Enigmatic “John Doe” Unveiled

Michael’s story began on September 14, 1974, when his lifeless body was discovered by off-roaders on a fire road northeast of Laguna Beach, California. Initially deemed accidental due to alcohol and diazepam intoxication, the case took a sinister turn as similar deaths unfolded in the subsequent years, all within proximity to where Schlicht’s remains were found.

The Reign of Terror: Randy Kraft, the “Scorecard Killer”

Randy Kraft, convicted in 1989 for the brutal slaying of 16 men in Orange County, was suspected of additional murders across California, Oregon, and Michigan. His decade-long spree of heinous acts came to an end in 1983 when a California Highway Patrol trooper apprehended him. In Kraft’s vehicle was a chilling discovery — a “coded list” believed to contain the names of upwards of 67 victims.

Kraft, a former computer programmer, was not just a murderer but a fetishist who preserved dismembered parts of his victims in his freezer. Despite overwhelming evidence, he maintained his innocence during the trial, asserting, “I have not murdered anyone.”

Unraveling the Mystery in 2022

The dormant case of “John Doe” gained new life in November 2022 when the Orange County Sheriff’s Department turned to modern forensic techniques. Tissue samples were submitted to a private forensic biotechnology company to create a DNA profile, which was then integrated into a genealogy database. The trail eventually led investigators to Kansas City, Missouri, where they obtained a DNA sample from a woman believed to be Michael Ray Schlicht’s mother.

Closure for the Family

With the positive identification of Michael Ray Schlicht, the sheriff’s department has notified the family. Plans are underway to install a headstone, marking his final resting place and providing a sense of closure for the family after nearly half a century of uncertainty.

The Ongoing Investigation

As the identity is unveiled, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department is now delving into the specifics of Michael Ray Schlicht’s homicide case. Individuals with any information related to the case are urged to contact Orange County Crime Stoppers at 1-855-TIP-OCCS or visit

In the face of such chilling revelations, we are reminded that justice, even if delayed, is a crucial force. The identification of Michael Ray Schlicht brings a sense of closure to a long-pending mystery, while the investigation into his homicide promises to unveil more about the dark era of the “Scorecard Killer.” As we reflect on this grim chapter of history, may we find solace in the pursuit of truth and justice.

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