Is Bishop Briggs G@y: Who Is Her Current Partner?

Briggs is a gifted vocalist and songwriter who is British-American. Her song “River” immediately ascended to the third position on the U.S. Alternative Chart with over 460 million Spotify streams. Briggs’ achievement in winning the renowned Golden Mask award was impressive.

The Season 9 winner of The Masked Singer was announced on May 17, 2023. She stunned David Archuleta, a former American Idol finalist, by hypnotically performing Sia’s “Elastic Heart” and My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome to the Black Parade.”

Her much awaited EP, “When Everything Went Dark,” will be made available by Arista Records on June 23. The EP includes the much awaited singles “Superhuman” and “Baggage.”

Is Bishop Briggs G@y?

Bishop, a gifted musician, has sparked a lot of conversation regarding her persona. She shaved her head and started publicly showing her support for the LGBTQ+ community. Many people want to know the truth and if she identifies as g@y.

It’s important to remember that, despite the allegations, the artist is not gay. She is not homosexual. In 2018, she shaved off her long, black hair as a loving show of support for a close friend who was battling breast cancer.

She decided that she would keep shaving her head for the next two years. Rumors concerning her sex orientation have been disseminated due to her short hair and love for male-style clothing.

Is Bishop Briggs G@y

She has also been upfront about how her new appearance has greatly influenced her artistic expression. Her new appearance has freed her up to speak honestly and to forge a stronger bond with her music.

In order to inspire others and show that there is no one “right” way to portray oneself or act, she shaved her head. She thinks that real beauty comes from within and transcends conventional standards and expectations.

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Does Bishop Briggs has a Husband?

Bishop Briggs and Landon Jacobs are happily married; Bishop is a well-known singer. The lead vocalist for the independent rock group Sir Sly is Landon. The band’s 2012 composition “Gold,” which was written by Landon, Jason Suwito, and Hayden Coplen, was made famous by its appearance in the Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag video.

With his seductive voice, Landon has been the band’s vocalist for more than ten years. After a four-year engagement, Bishop and Landon got married in 2022. Bishop made the sudden choice to kneel after being moved by her recollections of witnessing women propose in Ireland.

Their sincere marriage proposal was evidence of their love and fidelity. She made a speech and got down on one knee to pop the question. In BIG BEAR, California, a man proposed to his girlfriend.

The couple joyfully announced the arrival of their son on August 5, 2022, albeit they choose not to share his name. Fans may follow the family’s adventures as they set out on wonderful family trips on social media.

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