Is Dorothy Still Dating Ari: History Of Dorothy Dating

Is Dorothy Still Dating Ari? ‘Bling Empire: New York’ gives us everything because it lives up to its name and is an original franchise production for Netflix: controversy, drama, entertainment, comedy, fighting, and romance. To be very honest, the relationship between public figure Dorothy Wang and lawyer Aristidis “Aris” Kourkoumelis was the component of this series that held our attention the most throughout its run. Is Dorothy and Ari still dating.

Let’s say you’re curious to discover more about this dynamic combination, with a focus on both where they are now and how long they’ve been together. If so, you’ll be glad to hear that we have gathered all the necessary details to satiate your curiosity. If you’re interested in learning more about this dynamic pair, kindly go here.

Is Dorothy Still Dating Ari

It’s not entirely apparent how Dorothy and Ari are doing right now, especially in light of the fact that the first season of “Bling Empire: New York” finished filming a little less than a year ago, around March or April 2022. This is true not only because Dorothy has never again shared a photo of the two of them together, but also because, as far as we know, neither of them has ever interacted with one another directly on social media.

Even though attorney Ari’s Instagram page was turned to private at the time of writing, we were still able to see that he was still following her even though she did not. Although she doesn’t follow him, this is the case. Therefore, take into account everything they experienced together as well as the fact that we have a weak spot for love.

Until Dorothy or Ari say otherwise, we’ll assume that her attempts to keep him off her online account consciously avoided revealing any show spoilers. This is due to the hopeful romantics that we are. In other words, we think it’s most likely that Dorothy and Ari are still together today.

History Of Dorothy Wang’s Dating

Dorothy doesn’t think twice to make her personal life, including her s*xual relationships, completely public. Dorothy Wang, the daughter of Chinese-American business mogul Roger Wang, made her television debut in the series Rich Kids of Beverly Hills in 2014. She was able to make her acting debut on the particular show in question.

Cooper Mount, her boyfriend at the time, and she remained together after that, albeit they quickly called off their engagement. Given that Dorothy’s next TV role was to play a single woman in the 2017 comedy Famously Single, it is safe to conclude that she is not exactly known for committing her romantic life to a specific partner. Throughout her career, Dorothy has been connected to other famous people including French Montana and John Mayer.

However, it is safe to assume that Dorothy is not exactly known for devoting her romantic life to a specific partner because her next TV job was to star in Famously Single in 2017.

How Was Dorothy And Ari’s Journey In The Bling Empire?

Dorothy Kourkoumelis relocated from California in late 2021 or early 2022, whereas Ari Kourkoumelis was born and raised in Queens, New York. They crossed paths in the Bahamas as the latter was honouring his mother’s birthday and the former was on a Girls + Blake Abbie vacation. She went up to him and a companion at a bar, not for herself but for her closest friend Tina Leung.

How Was Dorothy And Ari's Journey In The Bling Empire?
How Was Dorothy And Ari’s Journey In The Bling Empire?

After Tina pulled off due to feeling overpowered, Dorothy and Ari exchanged phone numbers, which resulted in texts, calls, and a subsequent meet-up. Ari wanted her to stay another day at their bar, which was much less social this time, so he asked if she had changed her return tickets. He finally got what he wanted after a few drinks, some makeout time, and lots of jokes, and Dorthohy surprised herself because she usually takes a while to trust men.

The finest thing about Dorothy and Ari’s relationship was that neither of them dismissed the other as a passing fling when they got back to New York. Both of them thought there was more. As a result, they continued to communicate, introduced one another to their friends, and became closer every day while still having fun. Despite having different lifestyles and occupations, they connected and kept a nice flow because of their enthusiasm.

It’s nice, remarked Dorothy. “Ari is unfamiliar with Gigi and Bella Hadid. He is not aware of Instagram thoughts. He’s really cute. Thus, I like him. He demonstrated that he reciprocated by never making her feel insecure about her rank, wealth, spending preferences, knowledge, or anything else. She didn’t go to Astoria to meet Tom, his father, or maintain a 90% gluten-free diet, but she did eat a real New York pizza for him.

Because Dorothy is not Greek Orthodox, she and Ari decided against having a status conversation because of their disparate cultural backgrounds. The public figure continued, “We have fallen head over heels for each other. Although he has called me 17 times today, we won’t admit it. We talk about everything but our position because we are worried of commitment. Their care, concern, and regard for one another, though, were undeniable.

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