Is Jaden Smith Dead: How Did He Gain Weight?

Is Jaden Smith Dead was one of the most frequently asked searches on Google on the morning of January 23, 2023. It was nothing more than a hoax that claimed star Will Smith had verified the passing of his son Jaden Smith through Facebook posts, YouTube videos, and bogus internet news outlets.

The hoax started with the idea that the tale had been built through Facebook posts, YouTube videos, and bogus internet news sources. The initial channels via which this con was disseminated were Facebook and YouTube.

Is Jaden Smith Dead

On Wednesday night, rumours started to circulate online that Will Smith’s youngest child had perished in a terrible accident. On social networking sites including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, fans expressed worry, and some people questioned the veracity of the allegations. Others, on the other hand, accepted them as true.

One supporter said, “Rest in peace, Jaden!” while another questioned why they kept hearing that Jaden Smith had died everywhere they went. What exactly is happening? By tweeting the term “Invisible,” the “Life in a Year” actor immediately put an end to the allegations and confirmed that he is still alive. Jaden is the name of the additional child that Will and Jada Pinkett have. His siblings are Trey, who is 29 years old, and Willow, who is 21.

The actor’s parents had previously voiced worry over his weight, believing that he was “wasting away.” Jada stated that they had “realised that he wasn’t receiving enough protein, and he was losing away” late in 2019. Jaden “just looked tired, he was just depleted, and he wasn’t getting the nutrition,” she continued, adding that he wasn’t gaining.

Will acknowledged that his frequent observations of “black rings” under his son’s eyes and his observation that his son’s complexion had a “greyness” to it caused him significant “nervousness.” Everyone is talking about Jaden’s sickness now that images of him appearing eerily emaciated went viral online. The actor decided to take the matter seriously and started working on gaining weight and improving his health after his parents staged an intervention.

Who Is Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith, an actor and rapper, is American. You may follow him on Twitter by typing @jaden into the search bar. He played the leading man in many well-received movies. He first showed signs of a passion for movies in his early years. He naturally attracted toward the performing arts because he was the son of actors. After he had acted alongside his father, Will Smith, in a few movies, he started to get offers for solo parts.

Jaden Smith has received favourable reviews from critics for movies including “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” His debut album, “Syre,” was published in 2017 after a series of performances with well-known performers like Justin Bieber. Jaden Smith isn’t just a plaything. Together with a Korean fashion designer, he set up pop-up stores to sell unique apparel. Jaden Smith, who became well-known because of his well-known father, is now making a name for himself as a serious artist.

What Was The Story Of Jaden Smith’s Weight Gain?

Jaden claimed to have put on 10 pounds since the start of the new year while focusing on “putting on muscle” in December. On Jada’s Facebook show, Red Table Talk, he said, “I was able to work with the doctors and genuinely get my vitamins, get my supplements, and get my protein drinks.”

What Was The Story Of Jaden Smith's Weight Gain?
What Was The Story Of Jaden Smith’s Weight Gain?

That accounts for almost half of my daily calorie intake. It’s like finding the key to my own body’s lock. The man added, “I feel like I’m holding on weight. I can now finally put on weight. At Coachella in April 2019, Jaden reflected on his performance and life, saying, “I’ve come a long way.”

Jaden Smith Responds To Rumours Of His Demise

The actor responded on Wednesday morning in reaction to strange and widespread death rumours that circulated on social media. In response to online allegations that he had perished in a car accident, the actor who played Ryu in Karate Kid posted his comments on Twitter.

The 23-year-old responded to the rumours by simply tweeting the word “Invisible.” Supporters have previously expressed their concerns and reservations about the allegations. In response to the news, some people have already started expressing their sympathy to Will Smith. When it seemed like he was losing weight quickly, the hero of “Life in a Year” had previously generated a great deal of worry among his fans.

He explained to his devoted audience on Red Table Talk how he had taken care of his physical health, saying, “I was able to work with the doctors and get my vitamins, get my supplements, and get my protein drinks.” That accounts for 50% of my diet. He remarked, “It’s almost like my body has a password that I need to figure out,” as he detailed the process of gaining weight.

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