Is James Earl Jones Still Alive: What Was The Reason That Fans Thought Him Dead?

Is James Earl Jones Still Alive: Even though the entertainment industry places a premium on looking young, many celebrities are proving that age is just a number. It may come as a surprise to learn that actors like James Earl Jones are far into their nineties, even if you’ve been keeping up with their careers.

Who Is James Earl Jones

The American actor James Earl Jones is worth an estimated $40 million. Jones has had a distinguished career in theatre, film, and voice acting, but he is probably best recognized today for his role as Darth Vader in the first three Star Wars films.

James has garnered a slew of honors over his career, including three Tony Awards, a Grammy Award, and an Emmy Award. Jones has kept up a busy schedule in the industry, so he is still a major player today.

Is James Earl Jones Still AliveSource: CNB

In Arkabutla, Mississippi, James Earl Jones was born on January 17, 1931. James Earl was reared by his grandparents on a farm in Jackson, Michigan after his father left to pursue an acting career in New York and Hollywood. Jones moved to Michigan during the Great Migration.

After leaving Mississippi, Jones had speech problems. Until high school, he was completely silent. A teacher helped him overcome a stammer, but he still stutters occasionally.

Jones went to Michigan as a pre-med major after high school. However, the military’s structure drew him to the Reserve Officer Training Corps. At the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance, he abandoned his dream of becoming a doctor and focused on drama.

He got into drama because he didn’t know if he would survive the Korean War and wanted to do something fun before he was enlisted.

After the Korean War, James Earl Jones became a second lieutenant. In Colorado, he underwent Ranger School and cold weather training command. Before being dismissed, he achieved the first lieutenant.

Is James Earl Jones Still Alive

James Earl Jones is, as far as we know, still alive and well and kicking. Jones was born on January 17, 1931, in the Mississippi city of Arkabutla. His parents, Ruth and Robert Earl Jones, were both actors.

He spent the first sixty years of his life working in Hollywood and is now a successful retiree who resides quietly in the United States. In his lifetime, he married twice. His first wife was named Julienne Marie, and the two were wed for a total of four years.

In 1968, he wed a woman named Julienne Marie. A divorce from her was finalized after he petitioned for it in 1972. His current wife and soul mate, Cecilia Hart, is the result of a 1982 wedding. Unfortunately, his second wife passed away in 2016.

Why James Earl Jones’s Internet Following Assumed His Death

An article titled “No, James Early Jones Is Not Dead” was published by CNN in 2015. This is due to the fact that the renowned actor fell for yet another internet fraud. The prevalence of these hoaxes is such that even Gilbert Gottfried, a close friend of Bob Saget’s, first didn’t believe the news of his death. Many of James Earl Jones’ admirers took to Twitter in 2015 to express their grief over the actor’s passing.

So, where did this horrific fabrication that undoubtedly horrified many individuals who have been moved by James’ work come from?

It turned out to be a parody site mocking famous people that took great pleasure in fooling the public. If media outlets, including social media sites like Facebook, had done their homework before publishing the report, they would have realized the source was unreliable and wrong. As a result, hashtags and condolence messages honoring James Early Jones filled the social media platform.

A great actor in the theatre and movies James Earl Jones rests in peace. You will be greatly missed by me.

Some of James’s followers conducted their investigation and corrected the record on Twitter. They reminded the internet community of the cruelty and heartlessness of such rumors, which can hurt celebrities and their fans. To my knowledge, James Earl Jones has never addressed the brief death rumor. CNN covered James’s survival after hearing about it online.

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