Is John Travolta Gay? Everything We Know About the Controversy

In the early 1970s, John Travolta became one of the most famous American stars. Welcome Back, Kotter, an American sitcom, made the character famous.

Travolta has also been in movies like ‘Get Shorty,’ ‘Broken Arrow,’ ‘Phenomenon,’ etc. In addition to being a well-known actor, John has been at the center of many disputes over the course of his life. This is mostly about being accused of being gay.

Not only that but there are also rumors that he hurts the gay people he dates. In 2012, someone who was not known to John was accused of sexually abusing him and hitting him. When a second person joined the plea against John, the case against him got worse. But is John Travolta gay? What does he think about that? Please tell us!

Is John Travolta Gay?

John Travolta had flatly rejected that he is gay when he was asked about it. In one interview, the star of “Pulp Fiction” said that people who say he is gay are trying to get money out of him, which he called “a celebrity’s Achilles heel.” The leader said:


He also said why these claims against him were true. Travolta said it was because, like most celebrities, he didn’t want to fight back hard, which let the stories get out of hand.

People will always wonder about John Travolta’s sexuality because of the long-running rumors, but the actor’s insistence that he has nothing to do with the gay sex claims speaks louder.

Travolta’s Six-Year-Long Same S*x Affair

Is John Travolta Gay

Doug Gotterba, who was John’s co-pilot, said that he had an affair with John Travolta for six years. This was in 2014. It is said that the affair began in the early 1980s when Doug worked for him. Gotterba quit working for Travolta in 1987 and signed a “termination agreement” that included a “confidentiality clause.”

When the co-pilot said he was going to write a book about the affair he had with Travolta, he questioned whether or not the confidentiality agreement was valid. Travolta denied the claims and said in response that it was an attempt to blackmail him for money.

Gotterba, on the other hand, didn’t back down. He said, “Our issue is only about declaratory relief, and the ruling won’t be about money.” This is about the truth, and Mr. Travolta has no right to say what is right or wrong. A judge will decide who is telling the truth.” But in return for ten million dollars from Travolta, he did promise not to talk about what happened.

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Travolta and the Kiss

Rinder says that he met the actor in a hotel room. Then Travolta’s masseur, who was wearing a bathrobe, walked into the room and kissed the star on the lips.

“As the masseuse walked toward the bedroom, John said, ‘I’ll be in soon,'” Rinder writes. “That was shocking, especially since it happened right in front of a top Scientology agent. Just didn’t happen. I guess that shows how much trust he had in me.”

Rinder says that even though the church says it is not against gay people, “the threat of a story describing a Scientologist as gay would cause panic within the church,” because for a Scientologist, not being “cured” of homosexuality would mean that the technology doesn’t work.

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