Is Josh Groban Married: Is He Dating Anyone?

Is Josh Groban Married: Love songs are often linked with Josh Groban. The silky-smooth voice has won over crowds worldwide at weddings, graduations, and other poignant occasions since the early 2000s. His most well-known song, “You Raise Me,” is a go-to choice for sobbing or finding musical inspiration on these occasions.

It’s incomprehensible that Andrea Bocelli arriving late to a rehearsal could have kept us from finding Groban. Meaning? At 17, Groban was asked to fill in for Bocelli during a Celine Dion session. With trembling hands, Groban entered the platform, brought the microphone to his lips, and the rest is history.

For the past 25 years, Groban has performed on Broadway and worldwide. People are enchanted by his sultry voice and sentimental tunes year after year. You’d think a musician who can express love would be in a meaningful relationship, but is that the case?


Is Josh Groban Married

Josh is still unmarried when it comes to matrimony. However, he is currently committed to fellow actor Schuyler Helford. Josh and Schuyler started dating in 2017, although initially, they kept it a secret. The couple attended the Tony Awards in 2018, finally reaching the stage where they could publicly declare their love.

Josh and Schuyler both have acting experience. She has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows, including Call Me Kat on Fox, where she frequently plays Brigitte. Bruce Helford, Schuyler’s father, is a well-known TV producer and writer. She was thus exposed to the entertainment world at a young age.

Is Josh Groban Married
Is Josh Groban Married

Joshua has not yet gotten married. However, he is currently committed to fellow actor Schuyler Helford. Josh and Schuyler started dating in 2017, but they kept it a secret. The pair felt secure enough in their union in 2018 to attend the Tony Awards.

Like Josh, Schuyler has a long history of acting jobs. She has been in a number of other movies, and TV episodes in addition to her position as Brigitte in the Fox comedy series Call Me Kat. Since Bruce Helford, a well-known TV producer, and writer, is Schuyler’s father, she followed suit.

Who Is Josh Groban

To be clear, I’ll call him “Jo” from now on. The stage name of American singer, songwriter, and actor Josh Groban is Josh. He has recorded several albums that have achieved platinum or higher status in the country. He is well known for his love songs, but he also appreciates opera and classical music in Italian, Spanish, and French. Although Groban showed an early interest in music, he didn’t sign up for a school talent show until the seventh grade.

His teacher liked the sound of his voice so much that she allowed him to sing a solo, but the rap-listening kids never took to him. He began in the acting industry before moving on to music. Instead of concentrating on a single genre, Groban achieved success with his self-titled first album in 2001, immediately rising to the position of the top-selling male artist for the year. His first four solo albums were all critically acclaimed and rated multi-platinum.

He was America’s best-selling musician as of 2007. He has performed as a singer and appeared as a guest in four movies and 22 television shows. He was also involved in philanthropy; he formed the Find Your Light Foundation to expose young people to the arts and culture and served on the Americans for the Arts Artists Committee.

Josh Groban Past Relationships

January Jones

Actress January Jones dated Josh Groban in 2003. Jones contributed to American Wedding, and Groban’s album achieved double platinum status. Attended the 2004 American Music Awards and frequently appeared on red carpets. The two declared their separation and wanted to remain friends in June 2006.

Katy Perry

After three years of being single, Josh Groban was associated with Katy Perry. Groban claimed that despite dating, they found friendship to be more fulfilling. According to her, Josh Groban was the subject of Katy Perry’s hit song The One That Got Away.

April Bowlby

2009 saw Josh Groban dating April Bowlby. The connection stopped abruptly. They parted ways four months later.

Selma Blair

Selma Blair and Josh Groban were said to be dating around 2010. At the Groove in Los Angeles, the two first went to a movie. The relationship rumors, however, stopped that same year.

Michelle Trachtenberg

According to tabloids, Josh Groban dated Michelle Trachtenberg in 2012. There were false rumors.

Kat Dennings

In 2014, a friend introduced Josh Groban and Kat Dennings. They had their first date in September 2014. On Late Night with Seth Meyers, Dennings formally acknowledged her connection with Josh Groban. They separated in 2016 after two years. Josh Groban and Kat Dennings, are they wed? Josh Groban is not married. 2016. No tabloid has reported about their divorce.

Schuyler Helford

Josh Groban and Schuyler Helford started dating in 2017. After a year of mystery, they appeared at the 2018 Tony Awards. How did Josh Groban and Schuyler Helford meet? It is unknown how Josh and Schuyler connected. Their encounter and relationship have remained a mystery. Many assume they met professionally because Schuyler’s father, Bruce Helford, is a television writer and producer.

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