Is Kyrsten Sinema Married In 2022: Who Is Kyrsten Sinema’s Ex-husband, Blake Dain?

There is always a lot happening in American politics, and Kyrsten Sinema has been a hot topic recently. Many people were taken aback when the senator from Arizona revealed she was leaving the Democratic Party. For future elections, she has declared herself independent. Let’s dig deep into Is Kyrsten Sinema Married?

Many people (if they aren’t already) are becoming acquainted with Kyrsten’s political convictions, but what do we know about her private life? I mean, has she tied the knot? If you want to know more, read on!

Who Is kyrsten Sinema?

Senator Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat from Arizona, is worth a cool $100k. Since 2019, Krysten Sinema has been Arizona’s senior senator.

She previously held the positions of state representative for the 15th legislative district, state senator for the 15th district, and representative for the 9th district in the United States House of Representatives.

Sinema is a member of the Democratic Party, but she has one of the most conservative voting records in the caucus, and she has been censured by the Arizona Democratic Party’s executive board for her role in preventing the passage of voting rights legislation by casting a controversial vote to preserve the filibuster.

Kyrsten Sinema is the middle child of Dan and Marilyn Sinema. She was born to them on July 12, 1976, in Tucson, Arizona. She hails from the Netherlands. Her parents split up while she was still little, and her mom quickly remarried.

Sinema relocated to DeFuniak Springs, Florida, with his newly reformed family. Her stepfather lost his job and the family house was foreclosed. For this reason, they spent three years squatting in a defunct gas station.

Sinema attended Walton High School and, at the age of 16, she graduated as valedictorian. Her next stop was Brigham Young University, where she graduated with a BA in 1995.

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Continuing her education at Arizona State University, Sinema earned a Master of Social Work in 1999 and a Juris Doctor in 2004 from the ASU College of Law. Years later, she came back to ASU to earn her doctorate in the field of criminal justice.

Sinema initially entered politics in 2000, when she joined the Ralph Nader presidential campaign. After that, she made two unsuccessful bids for local office as an independent candidate in the succeeding two years.

Sinema was an adjunct professor at Arizona State University in 2003, where she instructed students in the areas of policy and grant writing. Additionally, she taught business law as an adjunct professor at Arizona Summit Law School. After obtaining her legal degree, Sinema went to work for a criminal defense firm. Let’s dig deep into Is Kyrsten Sinema Married?

Is Kyrsten Sinema Married?

Until this article is published, Kyrsten has not found Mr. Right. Furthermore, it is unknown if she is in a committed relationship at this time. Wikipedia claims that Kyrsten is bisexual and the lone atheist in Congress, a claim she has disputed.

Who Is Kyrsten Sinema’s Ex-husband, Blake Dain?

Kyrsten Sinema, now 46, was married to Blake Dain, a friend from their time at Brigham Young University. Dain’s background is shrouded in mystery because Sinema has said little about her ex-boyfriend.

Is Kyrsten Sinema Married

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In a recent interview with AZ Central, Dain was said to be much older than her. Sinema said, “I don’t really think that’s any of your business.” when asked about her romantic status. A lot of people don’t ask young men in politics.

Likewise, the exact dates of Dain and Sinema’s wedding and separation are unknown.

Is Kyrsten Sinema Bisexual?

To Elle magazine, Sinema revealed that she had “always been out” to her loved ones. In 2005, however, when a Republican coworker’s speech allegedly attacked LGBT people, she came out as bisexual for the first time.

Representative Sinema said to her colleague, “We’re simply humans like everyone else who want and deserve respect.” Reporters questioned Sinema afterward, and she simply said, “Duh, I’m bisexual.”

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