Who Is Noah Thompson Married To? Everything About American Idol 2022 Winner Noah’s Girlfriend Angel Dixon

Last year, on May 22, Noah Thompson took home the golden trophy as the 20th and current American Idol champion. In this article, we will read about Who Is Noah Thompson Married To?

Even when pitted against “country girl” HunterGirl and “pop princess” Leah Marlene, the conventional “country boy” emerged victorious. But now that he’s the big winner of the hit ABC show, Noah has a lot of people curious about his private life.

Noah discusses his son and how he finds inspiration from him on American Idol. But Noah is an exceptionally young parent at barely 20 years old. So, does he have a wife, and if not, who is the mother of his children? What’s it like in his home life? Before this, Noah was simply a regular person, but now he’s destined for superstardom.

Who Is Noah Thompson?

After leaving his hometown of Louisa, Kentucky, for a shot at American Idol, Noah made the journey. Even though he had a career in construction, he had always hoped to be a musician. He always wanted to be a singer, but he never had the courage to try out for American Idol until his best friend Arthur pushed him into it.

“We [were] literally hanging up sheetrock at work, and he told me he was going to sign me up for it,” Noah said during his audition in Texas. No, you’re not,” I retort. Still, he went ahead and did it. I would never volunteer for something so pointless.

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Never before have I been so sure of me. Someone else’s confidence in you exceeds your own, and that’s really wonderful to know.

It was “Giving You Up” by Kameron Marlowe that Noah sang at his audition. Luke Bryan praised Noah’s “accent and tone,” and Lionel Richie said the boy had a “bada** storyteller voice.” While this was going on, Katy Perry referred to Noah as the “American Dream.” With each successive performance, they were more impressed with Noah, so they gave him a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Is Noah Thompson Married?

Takeaway number one about American Idol’s Noah is the importance of his Kentucky roots to his character. His new kid, Walker, and his grandmother, Karen, are frequent topics of conversation on the show.

Noah revealed in the show, “Recently, my infant son reached 7 months old. My son, of whom I am the new father, is the source of all my motivation. It’s crazy that I’m here, but it could provide my son a fresh start and a brighter future.”

Now that Walker is almost a year old, Noah and his baby mama have been dating at least since 2018, even though they are not married. Angel Dixon is Noah’s high school sweetheart and the woman he is currently dating. After meeting at prom in 2019, they decided to start a family together.

Angel has been rooting for Noah throughout American Idol, and now their lives together will change dramatically as a result.

Angel posted on Instagram the night before the finals, “Behind the scenes of all this, the candidates work incredibly hard each and every day, making for long days and sleepless nights. Truth be told, I can’t wait for my hubby to get home.

We’re going to miss one other terribly, but I have faith that God has a plan for our separation.

Who Is Angel Dixon?

Angel Dixon, 21, is a social media star from Kentucky who became famous as Noah Thompson’s baby mom and long-term lover. American singer-songwriter Noah Thompson won the 20th edition of American Idol.

Is Noah Thompson Married Source: Good Housekeeping

Noah frequently referenced his hometown Louisa, his grandmother, his son Walker, and Walker’s mother, Angel, throughout the episode. The frequent appearances of Angel and Walker on the show undoubtedly contributed to his popularity at the time.

She played a crucial role in Noah’s victory by using her Instagram account to rally support for him online. This piqued the curiosity of his legion of devoted followers, who wanted to know more about his baby mama.

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