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Is Sara Haines Pregnant In 2022: Has She Made Any Kind Of Announcement Related To Her Pregnancy?

Is Sara Haines Pregnant

Is Sara Haines Pregnant

Game and quiz shows have come back into fashion recently, and a revival of 2013 show The Chase on ABC was just what the doctor ordered. Now in its third season, the show features TV celebrity Sara Haines as its host. Let’s dig deep into Is Sara Haines Pregnant?

But in addition to her hosting duties on The Chase, Sara is also a co-host on The View. That is to say, she is essentially performing double duty for ABC. Also, she is getting a lot of airtime in her new roles.

While this should be a good thing, viewers at home appear to be spending too much time examining her figure instead of complimenting her for her talent and great work ethic.

Sara, a mother of three, is the latest target of online body shaming. The question “is Sara Haines pregnant?” has been Googled a few times in the past month.

In this post, I’ll explain what’s going on and why nobody should ask that question anymore from Sara’s perspective.

Who Is Sara Haines?

Television host and journalist Sara Haines of the United States has a net worth of $6 million. Sara Haines entered the world on September 7, 1977, in Newton, Iowa. She worked for NBC’s Today as a correspondent and contributor from 2010 to 2013.

Source: ABC News

From 2013 through 2017, Haines worked as a correspondent and anchor for the morning news program Good Morning America. At around the same time, she was highlighted on ABC’s weekend edition of Good Morning America. In 2014, Sara Haines joined the ladies of The View as a co-host. Let’s dig deep into Is Sara Haines Pregnant?

Is Sara Haines Pregnant?

On May 17th, Sara shared an Instagram photo she had taken with TV personality Antoni Porowski at the GLSEN Respect Awards. She looked stunning in a blue dress with her hair pinned back.

However, the dress illusion in the picture has one admirer inquiring in the comments: “Sara are you pregnant again?” However, assuming a lady is pregnant because of what she is wearing is absurd.

This is not the first time a celebrity’s appearance has sparked allegations of an affair. Since Sara hasn’t made any sort of statement as of this writing, it’s probably best if you don’t speculate.

Why Do People Think Sara Haines Is Pregnant? She Wants People To Stop Asking

I don’t get why everyone assumes Sara Haines is pregnant. She really wants the questions to end.
It seems like Sara has to answer this question every few months. Just why is that, I wonder?

Well, since her job necessitates that she appears frequently on television, she is always subject to scrutiny. However, unfortunately, not everyone is friendly and/or adept at reading social cues. Sara may have to deal with negative feedback and speculation about her pregnancy from fans on social media if she ever wears an outfit that some viewers may find unflattering. Absolutely ridiculous, right?

Prior to this, in March 2020, when she was still nursing her third kid, Sara discussed this issue with her husband, Max Shifrin. She responded to online trolls who made fat jokes about her by deleting their Instagram accounts.

“I have had three children and am happy with my post-baby body. Whether a woman seems pregnant, DO NOT ask her if she is. It’s a touchy subject, and you can’t see the road someone else is traveling. Saying someone appears pregnant is a direct form of body shaming “in the caption, she penned.

To ask a woman about her body is a loaded question, and Sara brings up a valid issue. One should not assume that someone is pregnant or inquire about it if they have spoken nothing about it.

What Is ‘The Chase’ All About?

The U.S. version of the British game shows The Chase premiered on Game Show Network in 2013 and ran for four seasons before being canceled.

It returned to American television in 2021 on ABC. The format of the show is similar in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Players compete for cash prizes by taking on the “chasers,” or winners, of previous episodes.

Each competitor will be given 60 seconds to respond to as many questions as possible. In order to keep the money they’ve earned that round, the player must answer enough questions to stay ahead of the “chaser” on the game board. Participants in the final round compete as a team and split the prize money equally.

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