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Is Select Auto Protect the Right Choice for Your Car?

Select Auto Protect will provide warranty coverage whether you need to fix your car due to an accident or other problem, and they will pay the mechanic’s bill. You can find an ASE-certified mechanic for repairs, and the company will cover it. While you don’t have to worry about getting cash upfront for the repairs, you don’t have to worry about paying the money back, either.



What is Select Auto Protect?

Three Select Auto Protect Plans are available for any budget, including a $100 deductible. Whether adding it to an existing policy or starting a new one, Select Auto-Protect can protect you against mechanical failure, vandalism, and weather. Select Auto Protect is available independently or as an add-on to your existing coverage. This policy will cover your vehicle if there are damages due to weather, vandalism, and mechanical failure. It also provides car insurance covering injury or damage caused by negligence. It does not include accidents or complete claims. To learn more about Select Auto Protect, contact the office for a good guide! You can also read a review about Select Auto Protect on their official website.

Select Auto Protect: Reviews

The website consistently earns high customer marks across various platforms, including Google and Trustpilot. Select Auto Protect ratings on Google and Trust pilot show they are trustworthy. On Google, Select Auto Protect ratings are an average of 4.0 stars out of 5.0, while on Trustpilot, Select Auto Protect ratings are about 4.1 stars out of 5.0. Most of the recent reviews commend the employees of Select Auto Protect, praising them for their helpfulness, comprehensive communication, and courteous service. Customers who are pleased with Select Auto Protect frequently comment on the politeness of the staff and the effectiveness of the company’s service.

Select Auto Protect: Warranty Plans

Select Auto Protect offers three protection programs: Silver, Gold and Platinum. For each subscription, you can choose to have three years/35,000miles or five years/70,000 miles of coverage. There is a monthly $100 deductible for all plans. Damages and compensation for the expense of a rental automobile and towing.

Select Silver

The simplest fundamental option for a firm is Select Silver. It includes coverage for; engines, transmission, cooling systems, braking systems, electrical systems, drive shafts, circuit breakers, gas filling, and roadside assistance. Car rentals are also covered in this plan.

Select Gold

The Select Gold plan includes protection against wear in the steering system, plus helps with key starts.

Select Platinum

All of the features in Select Gold are included in Select Platinum. The Select Gold plan covers ABS brakes, air conditioning, heater systems, fuel systems, turbochargers/superchargers, and high-tech equipment. This plan also covers front suspensions and rear suspensions. The AWD/four-wheel drive feature is also available in this plan.

Select Auto Protect: Coverage

All makes and models are covered under Select Auto Protect, and all years are covered. Warranty status is required on your car. Select Auto Protect is perfect for people constantly on the go who don’t have the time to call and ask about their status. We can’t specify the list of states they don’t operate in; as long as you’re from a country they operate in, consider yourself a potential customer.

Select Auto Protect: Pricing

The Select Auto Protect website didn’t share any information about rates, fees, deductibles, or other charges. To get a free quote, you would need to do so on another third party, which displayed a ‘thank you message and noticed that your message had been received. To get a better idea of the price of your warranty, it is vital to consider three main factors: vehicle age, mileage, and coverage levels. This will give you an idea of the price value you can expect from your plan—competitive rates with the industry-standard 5-year plans. With full prepayment required upfront, prorated refunds are available if you cancel within the established time frame. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can cancel your subscription within the first 30 days for a full refund.

Bottom Line

Select Auto Protect provides competitively priced vehicle warranty plans, but they also provide 24-hour coverage online. Visit their website, and they’ll help you find a few plans that are perfect for you. If you are eligible for a discount, you might be eligible if we have a claim on your driver’s license, are a student driver, or are retired. You may receive a discount if you have a claim on your driver’s license and show it to a service person. We also give discounts to students that can provide proof of their identity. You may purchase an extended warranty on your car for up to five years or 70,000 miles. The firm will cover the repairs if you submit a claim. You don’t have to wait for a refund. The company will also show you rates from other providers and let you know who is closest in price.

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