Is Shaeeda Pregnant: With Whom She Is In Relationship?

Is Shaeeda Pregnant? Shaeeda Sween, the star of 90-Day Fiance, is tying the knot with Bilal Hazziez after just learning she would be a mother. The couple had hoped to start a family before Shaeeda turned 40, so this news devastated them both. A sizable number of individuals are eager to learn whether Shaeeda and Bilal have any plans to start a family together and they are anticipating the news.

This article deals with the issue of whether or not Bilal and Shaeeda plan to start a family in the not too distant future. This is the website where you might find the data you’re looking for.

Is Shaeeda Pregnant

Star of the 90-Day Fiance Shaeeda Sween just gave birth to a child. She had every intention of having children before turning 40 with her spouse, Bilal Hazziez. It was required, according to the prenuptial agreement. The cause of this is that a mother’s likelihood of giving birth to a totally healthy child declines noticeably as she ages.

They both received extremely terrible information, according to the promo for the upcoming episode. It is regrettable to state that these two might not be able to have children in the near future given the demands of being on television and the drama that goes along with that.

How Long Has Been Bilal and Shaeeda Together?

The couple appeared together during the show’s sixth season before being married, and they returned for its seventh season to continue telling their story. Shaeeda Sween is excited to have children. She is now thinking of ending her marriage if her husband does not agree with her desire to raise a family with him after a visit from her close friend Eutrice.

How Long Has Been Bilal and Shaeeda Together
How Long Has Been Bilal and Shaeeda Together?

The reality TV couple’s newlyweds are having a blast while this is happening. Even if they have opposing points of view on the show, Bilal and Shaeeda are still together. Shaeeda announced on Instagram Stories in December 2022 that she will be spending the upcoming weekend with Bilal to her followers.

She posted an image with the phrase “With my favourite person” and a photo of herself and her spouse, a member of the real estate sector.

90-Day Fiance Shaeeda Hair

Shaeeda Sween consistently covers her hair with a headscarf while filming each episode of 90 Days. On the other side, TLC viewers have been more intrigued than ever to see her natural hair as her friend Bilal started getting annoyed by the fact that her hairpins were everywhere.

The well-known lady wears a headscarf to demonstrate her devotion to her religion, and she has used Instagram to wish her fans “Eid Mubarak,” which is Arabic for “Blessed feast or celebration.” Additionally, she posted a photo of herself donning a headscarf.

Shaeeda and Bilal wed in accordance with the customs of Islam, which both of their families had predetermined.

What Is 90 Day Fiancé

On TLC, the renowned American reality television programme 90 Day Fiancé features couples who are pursuing or have obtained a K-1 visa. Only non-citizens who are engaged to U.S. citizens are eligible for this visa, which provides them 90 days to wed. On January 12, 2014, the first episode of the show debuted, and there have since been nine seasons. There are also eighteen additional items related to the series.

They are 90 Day Fiancé, which follows married couples, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, which follows former 90 Day Fiancé couples after they wed, and 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, which follows couples who met online but have not yet started the K-1 visa process.

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