Is Stockton’s “Duck Walk Killer” Also Chicago’s?

It has been reported by CBS Chicago that police in Stockton, California are coordinating closely with their counterparts in Chicago to establish whether a serial killer in Stockton is the same individual who murdered two people in Chicago’s Rogers Park area in 2018.

CBS Chicago’s Brad Edwards corroborated this with his law enforcement contacts after hearing it from CBS Sacramento’s Laura Haefeli.

Is Stockton's "Duck Walk Killer" Also Chicago's?
Is Stockton’s “Duck Walk Killer” Also Chicago’s?

The citizens of Stockton are on edge because they don’t know who the next victim of the serial murderer will be. This killer is suspected of killing six people in Stockton and Oakland, and injuring a seventh.

Each victim was shot at least once, and police claim they have linked the same shooter to all of the incidents based on ballistics evidence.

Police shared surveillance footage of the suspect’s movements last week, urging locals to be on the lookout for him. He walks with an unsteady gait and his hands in his pockets.


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