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Is Tom Selleck Gay: Is It True Tom Role In A Movie As A Gay Character?

Is Tom Selleck Gay

Is Tom Selleck Gay

Tom Selleck is a household name in the United States thanks to his famous roles in several films and television shows. His birth date is January 29, 1945, and he was raised in Sherman Oaks, California.

Tom’s dad worked in real estate, while mom stayed at home to raise him. After graduating from Grant High School in Van Nuys, California, he enrolled at USC.

Tom began his career as a model after finishing school and soon found himself in several commercials and advertisements. He eventually switched to acting, and his breakthrough role as private detective Lance White on “The Rockford Files” was his first big break.

Starring as private investigator Thomas Magnum on the hit TV series, “Magnum, P.I.,” catapulted him to fame. His work on the show, from 1980 through 1988, garnered him many accolades and recognition.

Is Tom Selleck Gay?

If you take Tom Selleck at his word, he is unquestionably straight. The star has tied the knot twice. The actor was married to Jacqueline Ray, a model, from 1971 until their divorce in 1982. Selleck adopted Kevin Shephard, a musician and her son.

After a brief romance with Mimi Rogers (Tom Cruise’s ex-wife), Selleck wed Jillie Mack (an English actress) in 1987. A year later, Mack gave birth to their daughter Hannah.

They’ve been married for three decades, and Selleck doesn’t seem troubled by rumours of infidelity anymore.

“I don’t know where it comes from,” he told TV Guide, referring to the rumors that he’s gay. “I guess some folks who are gay want me to be gay. That’s fine with me. You haven’t made it until people want to make up things about you.”

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Is It True Tom Role In A Movie As A Gay Character?

The suspicions did not prevent Selleck from playing a gay man in the 1997 film “In & Out.” He played a TV reporter whose sexuality was revealed by a tabloid years previously, and he was a closet case. It was an old notion, but he figured a spectacular male-on-male kissing scene would silence his critics who accused him of homophobia.

“Because I had sued several tabloids for falsely saying I was gay, people were saying I was anti-gay,” Selleck said in a 2015 issue of TV Guide. “Playing the role ended both those rumors.”

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