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Is Troy Aikman Married: Who Was Troy Married To Before Catherine Mooty?

Is Troy Aikman Married 

Is Troy Aikman Married 

Is Troy Aikman Married: The Dallas Cowboys, impressed by Aikman’s accolades and talent, selected him with the first overall pick in the 1989 NFL Draft. His first year on the squad was full of losses, but 1992 was a banner year for him and the team.

The quarterback led the Cowboys to their first Super Bowl participation in 13 years, and he was named the game’s most valuable player after leading his team to a 13-3 record and passing for 3,445 yards and 23 touchdowns.

From 1991 to 1996, he garnered six straight Pro Bowl selections. When he completed his third consecutive 3,000-yard season in 1997, he became the first quarterback in team history to do it.

When Troy Aikman was plagued by on-the-field injuries, his once-promising career eventually came to an end. After hanging up his cleats in 2001, he lent his football savvy to Fox’s National Football Conference broadcast as a color analyst. Aikman also presents a weekly radio show on Sporting News Radio and 1310 The Ticket.

Who Is Troy Aikman

Former NFL quarterback Troy Aikman was born in California and is now estimated to be worth $65 million. Aikman played for the Dallas Cowboys for 12 seasons, beginning with the team in the 1989 NFL Draft. The Cowboys’ 1990s revival can be directly attributed to his direction.

During that time, the Cowboys won three Super Bowls in a row. In 1992, Troy received the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award for his outstanding performance. On top of that, he was selected for the Pro Bowl six times in his career. In 2006, after he had retired from the sport in 2000, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

When Aikman finally decided to retire, he found new success in the radio profession. It was reported in February 2022 that he would be leaving Fox after having worked there for some years. After retiring from the NFL, he became a co-owner of the NASCAR team and the MLB team the San Diego Padres.

Is Troy Aikman Married 

Troy Aikman has been married twice despite being rated the most desirable bachelor in Dallas.

Aikman wed Rhonda Worthey, a former Cowboys spokeswoman, on April 8, 2000.

They divorced on April 12 of 2011, after having been separated since January.

In addition to Alexa Marie and Jordan Ashley, Aikman and Rhonda also have a son together.

He married luxury retailer Catherine Mooty on September 1st, 2017.

The ex-professional basketball player took to Instagram to announce his engagement to his longtime girlfriend: “June 2, 2017 – A special day as I proposed to the love of my life.”

There were rumors that Aikman was seeing Sandra Bullock and Lorrie Morgan before he married the first time.

Who Is Catherine Mooty

Catherine Mooty is an entrepreneur who, along with five others, founded Luxeliner, a truck that travels the country selling trendy apparel, accessories, and presents. As with many other women, Catherine loves to keep up with the latest styles.

Dallas is the city of birth for Catherine “Capa” Mooty. Besides being a successful businesswoman, Capa Mooty is also a major style icon. Along with Jerry Jones’s daughter Charlotte Jones Anderson, she and four other friends launched the mobile store Luxeliner.

Source: Kemifilani

Clothing and accessories are for sale at the boutique. They have also established profitable locations in other sections of the United States and in a few foreign nations. Previously, she was married to Jerry Mooty, the nephew of Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys. To the best of my knowledge, she is notoriously private and guarded on social media.

Before Capa, Who Was Troy Married To?

Former Cowboys PR and Aikman exes Rhonda Worthey and Capa Mooty were Troy Aikman’s first two wives. They tied the knot in Plano, Texas on April 8, 2000. Jordan (born in 2001) and Alexa (born in 2003) are the couple’s two daughters (born in 2002). They shared the news of their split on January 24 of that year, and the divorce was finalized on April 12 of that year.

After that, Aikman reportedly went on a five-year relationship drought. In early 2016, he met Catherine, a single mother. Luke and Val, two sons, are hers. The two became engaged in June 2017 while vacationing at Lake Como in Italy, according to People.

Three months later, in a tiny Santa Barbara, California wedding, they tied the knot. When discussing his family on social media, Aikman frequently uses the hashtag #TeamSix. The four kids live in Dallas and go to the same private school. The high school football team that Aikman coaches are his stepson’s. The family has a passion for outdoor activities like hiking and paddleboarding.

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