It Ends With Us Movie Release Date: Will There Be An It Ends With Us Movie?

Although Colleen Hoover and her books have been around for a while, the pandemic really helped these books gain some traction and popularity. One of the most frequently used names on Tiktok under the hashtag #BookTok, a subset of the platform, was Colleen Hoover.

People turned to books, shows, and movies for solace during a period when life seemed bleak. One of Colleen’s more well-known books, It Ends With Us, was so excellent that a movie is being made from it today!

It Ends With Us Movie Plot

It will be some time before we know the movie’s actual plot, but given how much Justin loves the book, it seems probable that the movie will stick closely to its outline. The protagonist of Colleen Hoover’s novel It Ends With Us, Lily Bloom, is a recent college graduate who is still figuring out her life and what to do with it after graduation.

Lily makes the decision to relocate to Boston in order to launch her own floral shop. In Boston, Lily falls in love with the physician Ryle, but she quickly realizes that Atlas, her first love, is back in her life.

What happens next is Lily trying to deal with her past and an unplanned pregnancy that makes her have to make some difficult choices. The famed love triangle cliché and Lily’s decision between Ryle and Atlas will almost certainly appear in the film.

But we’re confident that this film will also be a multi-layered emotional rollercoaster. Fans of the book have praised it for its inventiveness and can only hope that the movie will follow the book and do it justice.

It Ends With Us Movie Cast

It Ends With Us has not yet received any casting updates because it is still in the planning stages. However, soon we should hear some news.

It Ends With Us Movie Release Date

But it doesn’t mean we can’t make predictions because there hasn’t been a formal casting announced yet. Lily Bloom, Ryle Kincaid, Atlas Corrigan, Alyssa Kincaid, Jenny Bloom, Andrew Bloom, and Marshal are the characters in this film.

In reality, Buzzfeed provided us with something fun to do! With the help of the polls they’ve provided, you may choose your cast.

They might not actually wind up being cast, but it’s still a fun process. Zendaya is our choice for Lily Bloom, while the majority chose Josephine Langford.

We chose the current Hollywood hottie, Jacob Elrodi, for Ryle Kincaid, while the majority chose Theo James. We ultimately chose Dylan O’Brien for Atlas Corrigan after debating between several candidates.

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Who knows, Justin Baldoni might suddenly appear and take up the role of Ryle or Atlas. Please share your suggestions for the movie’s cast in the comments!

It Ends With Us Movie Trailer

We’re expecting that sometime in 2023, preferably in the first half of the year, the official teaser and official trailer for It Ends With Us will be released. If you dig around on the internet a bit, you might find some fan-made trailers.

As Justin Baldoni works to keep everyone informed on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and even Tiktok, fans are incredibly patient and thankful.

It Ends With Us Movie Release Date

Everything is still just conjecture, including the date. The publication date for It Ends With Us in 2023, on the other hand, is something we can be certain about. This implies that casting-related information will also likely become available soon.

So be sure to check back with us for any updates regarding the impending romantic comedy. Whether the film will debut on an OTT platform or in theaters first is still up in the air. It won’t be long before we learn the truth!

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